If This Don't Make You Smile, Ya Ain't Got No Soul

2년 전

Drummer Girl.jpg

There's something about watching someone who enjoys what they are doing that makes me feel inspired.

Talent, precision and accomplishment are all admirable, but you can't fake joy if you don't have it. True joy is something that comes out of the eyes, the smile, the entire way a body moves when we are doing something we love. It's reflexive. Automatic. And, as the saying goes, "the world loves lovers", watching someone who is really, really into what they are doing , makes us love it too. Even if they don't have extraordinary talent, precision or accomplishment, we can't help but smile. It's reflexive. Automatic.

But this little girl has it all. She's the whole package... and at only 8 years old, I can't honestly say I'm not a little jealous. Even if you don't like Led Zeppelin, you'll enjoy this show, else you ain't got no soul.

All I can say is, You go, girl!

Watch video HERE

Screen grab and story source: NPR

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This is beautiful ♥

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