A Paradigm Shift Is Urgently Necessary In The Schooling System


It is easier to land a man on the moon than to change the school system.”
― M.Z.Riffi - The Queen of Granada


This international shit show called “the education system” has collectively sunk us deeper into oblivion. -500 feet beyond common sense level, we’ve lost the battle against corruption. Is there anything more fucked than creating indoctrination camps and pretending that their duty is to “teach” us? While these institutions force their so called “knowledge” into our minds, one thing they can’t do that with is surely wisdom. What a shame it is that all these students think of themselves as wise thinkers, when in fact the truth is that they’re expert bullshit swallowers.

We succeed at graduating, yet fail at becoming good human beings. We weren’t meant to be pushed to fit into tiny spaces that suffocate the heck out of our creativity. No place has been created to help us put our unique gifts to contribution. The truth that the education system fails to acknowledge is that everyone has a reservoir of potential they can tap into. However, the ways to access that potential aren’t one and the same for every single one of us. The right conditions have to be put into disposition for us to bring that potential to life. Sadly, the education system, built on a “one size fits all” model, fails at accomplishing that crucial mission. You can’t fit? There’s only one option left for you and it’s called Quit.

Stop making us believe that grades are accurate markers of intelligence, when nowhere in this process you demanded us to judge the validity of all the theories that you’ve been impatiently throwing non stop at us. Our offices are filled with diplomas, yet our hearts are empty of empathy. Maybe a school for the human heart is what we really need.


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Do as I say, not as I do?


LoL! Not sure what you mean by that one?;)


I mean: aren't you a participant in shoring up the current schooling system paradigm?

"Commitment Doesn’t Stand For Convenience"
Do you even read your own posts as if the proscriptions you are constantly espousing would apply to yourself, and individuals, rather than some hypothetical and quite nebulous "society"?

Do you expect teachers, and administrators, and poiticians to risk their secure and esteemed positions after having already endured and completed the bullshit you are condeming? and finally getting a cushy, union protected job, with lots of tme off and a promised pension, from which they can't be fired so long as they don't "rock the boat?"

Give me a break :-)

"If it's to be it starts with me" :-)


That was brutal!
My confidence may just be in need of a cushion or two ^^


Don't ask and I won't tell : -)

Perhaps confidence comes from being a woman of your word so that what you say is what you do.

What is this "confidence" of yours such that anything I say, or don't say, would affect it? My "vote" is worth very little now :-)

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There's a website focused on problems with schooling system in the US. that explains a lot of what happens behind the scenes in the education system. Although it's US. based we have very similar problems all over the world. Your suggestion about education being "one size fits all" is particularly relevant.
The website is called deliberately dumbing down

I'm on the verge of pulling my kids out of school and home schooling them, school isn't about education anymore it's about indoctrination. In hindsight, it was when I was going there too.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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