Blinded By Euphoria


"When you can stop you don't want to, and when you want to stop, you can't..."― Luke Davies


Oh Euphoria, take my hand, bring me down with you to dreamyland. I’m a sucker for the way you make me feel, when you’re not around I’m left to wonder if life has really any appeal.

I’m crazy for you in all the ways, when I don’t get my daily dose from you I secretly feel like blowing my brains. I hate that I love you so, even when I long to hate you I can’t ever imagine one day letting you go.

I wanna get high off you all day long, even though when you leave I always find myself missing you and feeling hungry for more. Short term gain, long term pain, but gosh that doesn’t stop me from wanting you in the worst of ways.

Euphoria, your presence is infatuating me, but your absence makes me feel all the more lonely. You taste like the unconditional love I never had, Euphoria you remind me of what it feels like to never have had a dad. You bring me a false sense of pleasure, your only goal is to make sure I think of you when you’re here no longer.

Euphoria, please don’t go away, even though you’re torturing me, Euphoria I’m begging you to stay. I can’t do life with or without you, for fucks sake Euphoria what have you done to me? They warned me of the dangers of getting too close to you. But Euphoria, how could I have not fallen for you?

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