Getting Ultra Ready For My First Ultra

4개월 전

“Find the level of intolerance you can tolerate and stay there.”


My new playground.💚🌄 Bootcamp's in while school is out.
In this time of crisis, human selfishness should be put where it belongs: to the garbage. This isn't solely about your life. You are putting everyone's lives at risk by putting yourself out there when you shouldn't. If you have traveled abroad don't go to work the next day... (I have seen it...)

Be safe my friends ✬✨✩


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How far is that? Maybe I can run a mile this summer. lol


It was 19 K:) awww well it’s a start!!:) You ok there in Michigan right now with covid 19?


Oh that's not super horrible. I think there's like a 100 mile one in the desert once a year.
F*** no! lol How are you?

We all have to be considerate of everyone else as we decide what to do everyday. Getting out in nature for some exercise seems like a good plan to me. I'm doing it too! Good luck in your Ultra! :)