Locking Love Down While On Lockdown -The Cost Of Loneliness

2개월 전


Forced to put our masks on, but the real ones are falling off. This collective trauma we are all navigating is bringing to light the darkness of the human spirit. We desperately want to run away from ourselves but we can’t. So we take the easy way out - we get drunk on the idea of love. We’re losing touch with reality because for fucks sake we are grieving from one.

Survival instinct is on, rationality is off. We’ve flipped the wrong switch and here we are falling back into old ways. Falling back in lust with the idea that love, the grand savior, can save us from this mess. We hang on for dear life to this glimpse of certainty, pushing outside our conscience the fact that the crash will happen once we find back touch with reality.

The love junkies are seeking their next fix - virtual sex will do to get their hourly dose of bliss. Now before you get on the offended bus, you might wanna consider taking back the wheel of your own engine.

Loneliness is a very normal human thing, even the ones of us in the most loving relationships will at a time or another feel it. The problem arises when you give loneliness a free pass to take control of your life. Feeling something doesn’t mean we should act on it. In the split second between thought and action, you have to catch yourself. More than ever is this the time to put our need for distractions aside and do the hard thing that we’ve been placed on this earth to do - dare to look inside.

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This time period, we can calm down and think about the true meaning of love