Modern Obsession With Happiness

2개월 전


The question we ask ourselves is no longer “Am I happy?” but rather “Am I happy enough?” Marriage once lasted till death did us part, nowadays it ends when love dies out. We no longer pick a career to bring home the money, we want to pursue a job that makes us happy.

We expect permanence out of happiness, while failing to realize that it is by nature temporary. We try to aggressively chase it down, wondering to ourselves why the fuck is it nowhere to be found. We resolve to try harder, never mind that harder doesn’t mean better. It’s time for us to see that we’ve picked out the wrong tactic - it’s time for us to give up on this happiness chasing habit.

The problem with happiness is that once we do have it, how can we know if we have enough of it? How can we find out such answer when this happiness thing is technically speaking, free of limits? Our insatiable desire for more often times makes us imagine the countless possibilities of what could be - which essentially makes us believe that if “we had x and x” we could be more happy. Yet even paradise on earth isn’t the epitome of happiness, I’m sure Adam and Eve can attest.

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