Ran My First Marathon

2개월 전


Save the date yall! Haha jks. But today was a special day. I have officially completed my first marathon. Homemade version of course, because quarantine. But even if we weren't on lockdown, I wouldn't have signed up for a race because that's just not my style. Maybe one day I'll change my mind but I doubt it. I only like the attention on Steemit;) No but for real I run out of pure passion and yes I love to challenge myself and prove myself but I don't feel the need to hear my name get called out at the finish line or get a medal. See, I'm so humble that I didn't even write down my pb;) All fake humbleness aside, lots of rest and food is on the way. Oh and my new trail running shoes are coming in tomorrow and I could not be more excited.

The obsession is real


They are so gorge I can't even!


They will help to prevent bruising hella hard ( that's what happens when you trail run with road shoes:P)


Until then, stay safe and healthy. Love yall! 💙

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