Swimming In A Sea Of Uncertainty

2개월 전

“The business of philosophy is to teach man to live in uncertainty... not to reassure him, but to upset him.”
― Lev Shestov


Ruled by fear, terrorized of uncertainty. Too bad life has fallen the cliff of this so called prior state of normality. We’ve been pushing our luck for too long, and karma has had enough of us acting like selfish little fucks. Our track record is kinda screwed forever, hence why Mother Nature finally has decided to take over. Sorry, you can’t get away with shit forever.

Uncertainty is the only constant in life. Yet the average human mind can’t quite grow comfortable with this frightening reality. Hence why we ask for reassurance, get married, sign contracts, become mystic fucks drawn to psychic readings - heck anything to keep us hooked on the illusion of permanence.

Covid-19 has stretched our capacity for dealing with the unknown to the max. It hurts because we’ve never taken the time to grow that uncertainty muscle. Life doesn’t give you a choice on that one - you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You can’t remain static. Adaptation is key to stay afloat in the sea of uncertainty.

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