The Case Against Toxic Positivity

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In today’s culture nonsense spreads like wildfire, and toxic positivity is no exception to the rule. But you see, the thing is that there’s a thin line between trying to inject more positivity into your life versus doing it Gary Vee’s style and dismissing any negative emotion you encounter on a day to day basis. You can mean well and all, but your " just think happy thoughts " approach and your "get over that thing " advice are damaging to the person on the receiving end. First off, they invalidate what the person who is experiencing some form of pain is feeling. Secondly, these techniques give away the message that ignoring your pain is the way to go.

It is immensely harmful for someone going through trauma, loss or pain to be told these things. Not only are they not being given a secure space to express how they feel, but they’re encouraged to hold back them tears and simply move forward. I get that society is into quick fixes and easy 1-2-3 steps recipes , but it’s dangerous to think that those false marketing strategies are really of any benefit to anyone using them.

Life isn’t all lollipops and lemon pies, and while it’s a good thing you have an optimistic demeanor, that shouldn’t mean you turn it into a full-time 24/7 lifestyle I-feel-happy-all-the-fucking-time like Gary V does. I’m sorry I’m on his case again, I just happen to remember him promoting this very toxic mindset to his audience back when I used to watch the guy.

Because of all these very fake sounding positivity movements trending every god damn where, people are becoming more and more afraid of opening up and being vulnerable as they’re scared to be labeled "negative " or to annoy people with the difficulties they are facing. Society already promotes emotional indifference as it is, so it only makes it worse when the world goes around suggesting that route and closing up the door to their internal realities.

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