When A Company’s Success Is Reliant On Its Users Failure

2개월 전

"It's wrong for someone to confiscate your money, give it to someone else, and call that 'compassion.' " - Harry Browne


Divorce attorneys would run out of business tomorrow were it not for broken marriages. Online dating services would no longer be a thing if people’s tinder matches were to last forever. Therapists offices would be empty if we were to break free from human misery. Our faces and bodies would no longer be the playground of surgeons if we somehow found the inner wisdom to stop let them buy their way into our insecurities.

They secure their business while we fall deeper into despair. They trick us into thinking that we need them to survive - but the truth is that without us, they could no longer thrive. In exchange of money, they offer us a service that appears to us as necessary. But if the world operated without the concept of money, I wonder how they’d prove to us that what they have to offer us is truly what we need.

Profit is poisoning our conscience, it has turned us into people who masquerade as compassionate, all the while hiding to ourselves the fact that our motives are nothing less than hypocrite. We play on people’s weaknesses because we know damn well that weakness means more business. Can we really claim we’re in it for the greater good - when we won’t hesitate to make up lies if it means more money? We’re gluttonous for anything that rhymes with bigger status.

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