Castle of Sand

3년 전


“There’s something important I need to say! Meet me tomorrow morning in the lobby!”

The message gets her heart pounding. Staring at her mobile phone, she drowns deep in her thoughts about him. A friend, but more than just a friend. A popular, handsome and a sophisticated boy. His text gets her by surprise.

“What does he want to talk about?” she wonders, “He has been a bit too friendly, nice and caring for the last few days.”

“I think he likes me! He’s been my friend for over a year! I know he likes me!!!” an excited, loud voice echoes in the room alarming the three girls lost in their books.

Leaving her preparation incomplete for tomorrow’s exam, she starts preparing for something more important to her. Opens her cupboard. A row of dresses hanging in a row. Takes them all out at once, tries them on, asking her fellows whether he would like it or not. Hurling away the dresses, picking them up and throwing them away again. Tangled in the dresses to find the one he would praise.

A black dress, his favorite color, catches her eye. Putting it on, braiding her hair like a fairytale princess, applying that mascara to those long curls of eyelashes, rubbing that gloss over those divine, delicate and velvety thin lips, making them glimmer like a star, standing in front of the mirror, all dressed up, in the middle of the night, looking more beautiful than that full moon in the black sky, staring at her reflection in the mirror, trying to look at that beauty through his eyes. Rehearses the posture in which she would stand, the gestures she would give, the way she would talk when the moment of her life comes.

Looking at that bewitching beauty, taking a sigh of hope, takes off and hangs the dress. Falls on her bed by the wall, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep, thinking about him, she builds a castle of dreams. Never approached by anyone before. She keeps thinking what he would say and what would be her reply to him. “Should I say yes at once? Or should I ask for time to think? Should I smile? Or act shocked?” She knows she isn’t going to say anything but yes! But the peak of excitement has scrambled her mind, averting her from thinking straight.

All the girls, studying throughout the night but this one Empress of her own castle thinking about her Emperor, didn’t even realize it was morning already. Getting dressed, she brushes her long silky brown hair, thinking whether he would like them braided or falling free. All readied up, looking like a fairy in black, she comes to college, walking through the lobby with her friends, slowing down, staying behind to meet him.

Looking around for him, trying to find the one in the crowd. Those brown eyes glow when they see that face. The only face she can see vividly without her contacts. Coming towards her, smiling politely, staring right on through. Taking her nervousness through the roof. Between the lines of fear and shame, she begins to wonder why she came. Thinking about running, she smiles confusingly back at him. Closes her eyes and takes a deep calming breath. She opens her eyes to find him standing in front of her. That smiling face, that light aroma, those sparkly eyes, reminds her that he’s the only one she can talk to comfortably. She asks, in a shaky but beautiful and soothing voice.

“What did you want to say?”

Nervous like her, he looks into her eyes, gathers up the courage, and finally says hesitatingly.

“You need to help me in the exam. I’m relying totally on you!”

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