Influence of high heels on health

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Or rather, hello girls, because this article is especially for you, or rather, for us. Oh, what girl does not wear or did not wear heels?

How nice to dress new shining sandals on the hairpin and go shopping with your loved one, as it looks like a dress, legs and a priest.

How we like heels. Shoes with high heels, whether it be shoes, boots or sandals always look better on the legs of the fair sex.

The higher our heel, the we are confident that we can overpower and even higher. Recently, a lot of different kinds of heels, from medium to huge, are represented on the market.

In addition, the girls loved them so much that they perfectly and confidently flaunt them even in everyday life, in the summer in the rain, in the winter on the ice. Heels are always fashionable and beautiful. But, even they have their negative sides, which can make you seriously think about the continuation of wearing such shoes.

Alas, but for such a pleasure we have to pay with our health. I dabbled in health websites and found out all the negative consequences of heels.


Influence of high heels on the health of a girl

Heels have a negative effect on the foot. A high heel makes too much of an advantage on the front of the foot, as a result of which the entire weight of the body falls on the fingers, which by their nature are very fragile.

The consequence of such overloads are: foot diseases, flat feet, especially when a girl starts to wear high heels at an early age. A high heel makes the work of muscles unnatural, by nature this is an artificial walk that will have a negative effect on the legs. What can come out good from the fact that a woman constantly goes on tiptoe ?! Of course, nothing.

There is an increased strain on the knee joint and as a consequence - arthritis. This is a terrible and very painful condition that occurs when the joint is inflamed. Walking with high heels all day, even the most persistent girls makes it easier to take off their shoes and slippers.

It's nice to come home, take off your heels, make a cold bath for your feet and relax, thinking that your legs are good. No, this is good for you now, but it hurts and pains your legs. While we do not notice the harmful effects of heels, but this does not mean that it does not exist.

Thank you all for your attention.

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Do you like to wear heels?


yes, but not every day :)


nice post , am exited to see what you'll post next