The most amazing things for men

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Many women are so surprised and amused by their hysterics about the appearance that it becomes a matter of ridicule in male jokes. Of course, the thinking of a man and a woman is very different, which from some side is very good, because it is so much more interesting.

In this article, we will have a little fun, and, perhaps, we will laugh at ourselves. Now I will tell you about the most amazing things for men.


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Men do not cease to surprise:

  • Very long nails. Men laugh and do not understand our hysterics about a broken nail or peeling. But over time they understand what kind of work we should grow long nails and make a beautiful manicure, and demonstratively laughing, they admire our perseverance and zeal.

  • Eyebrow plucking. Young people consider correction the most terrible procedure, which falls on the female share. Men are surprised by our resilience to this procedure. The thing is that the male receptors react to ache of pain much more sharply and sharply than to large strokes, and women on the contrary.

  • Bottomless bags. Many men really do not understand why we should always carry these "suitcases" with us. Also they are surprised how you can stuff a comb, wallet, phone, mirror, powder, umbrella, netbook, magazine and spare pantyhose into a small purse. Yes, indeed, it is an inborn gift of a woman - in any, even the smallest space, cram all that is necessary and not necessary. And notice that with the increase in the size of the bag, free space in it is not added, we simply impose in it even more "necessary".

  • Open your mouth when we paint your eyes. Just imagine that 78% of men still do not understand this, but the remaining 22% are sure that the open mouth helps to bulge the eye. The theory is interesting, but funny. We do not bulge our eyes, we open them as much as possible, so that the skin is stretched and the eyelid is opened.


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Agree :D


Nice post

great article. i like your theme and i also agree with you. keep it buddy.

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