Great memories! The day my building fell down!


Entrepreneurs Story - The day my building fell down!


Never give up!

I am often asked what actually makes an Entrepreneur?

The answer is very simple. Never give up!

Earlier on, I was going through some old photos from when I was growing my Construction Company and came across this news article that was published in the local press.

The local press ran this story when a building I owned collapsed in a freak wind storm.

During the high winds the roof lifted clean off the wall-plates and came crashing down on the building, flattening it and reducing the entire building to pile a bricks.

Great memories.!!

As an Entrepreneur, I always tell young Entrepreneurs that are just getting started, no matter how hard things get, never, never, never give up on your dream.

Soon after this I went on to build a large successful Construction and Development Company.

The day my building fell down!




Me on the right


Thats me on the right, stood infront of a pile of bricks!

This photo was taken in 2001 and though we are eighteen years on, it was like it happened yesterday.

Great memories.!!

Thanks again for reading.


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2001! A long time ago and I know memories are powerful. I am really sorry about "Kendal Development" and I appreciate your tenacity and resolve. It is obvious even from the way you drive "Promo Steem" sir. There is a lot to learn from you sir, a whole lot. I admire your "never give up" attitude.

... And today you are still strong.
I see here that it doesn't matter how much we fall, if we rise, we will still stand.
Though steem may crumble, it will rise again.

Great story!

The kind, mother nature sent winds didn't do it.
Its was that track hoe in the picture!

That is what knocked down the building.
How can you even think of blaming it on the gentle wind?

On the real side, Entrepreneurs must know when to quit.

Like, if your business is selling phones to businesses, well, you only have a few years left (and probably should have gotten out ages ago.)