When we talk about risk everyone's mind gets directed to dangerous attempts, negative attempts or effects and no one wants that risk.

Risk is still something no one wants to take but everyone admires at some point

Think about it, for example :

Pop culture and Tv series idolizes the edgiest and deadliest athletes from high-flying bicycle rides, body twisting, death races, extreme sports, hard-core wrestling, bull riding. We adore these heroes who attempt or put themselves on the line to make these happen, we get drawn to Tv broadcast and series like traffic accidents and 1000 ways to die, we stare in awe cheering at their close to death attempts and Marvel at their trophy successes.

But yet after leaving that world of satisfaction we join other citizens in public outcry to demand more safety regulations in schools, security in homes, efficiency of traffic lights, rate of deaths and accidents, security at work and wanting governmental laws that demands every element of risk that could affect our everyday lives to be eliminated, No one wants to take that risk but everyone wants to see you take it.

Everyday is a risk

Truth be told life itself is a risk, waking up in the morning, walking to the bathroom, taking shower and dressing up to work is all full of risk.
Risk impacts our society in countless of ways, good, bad, ugly and ridiculous, we fear for our lives, we want to live longer and grow old, we want to be healthy and happy yet we still take this same risk we are scared of in different angles and dimensions.

Because it is ridiculous why there's a general warning on every pack of cigarettes saying “ smokers will die young”, yet we all take same risk even many become chain smokers.
It is said that alcohol causes 44% of accidental deaths, yet we don't mind taking abit of sip while driving.

Agreeably everyone knows ice cream is not a risk for children but the ice cream wagon can kill an innocent child on the highway, we take drugs everytime we feel sick but at the end we are been told that common painkillers may raise risk of heart failure.

  • Risk is why you see a sound minded healthy individual seeking medical checks yet he is the head of a group that deals on Marijuana or cocaine to the public
  • it is why we see seat belts and airbags in our cars - metal detectors in schools, churches and banks,
  • bomb detectors in hotels, hospitals and other public companies.
  • tamper proof seals on can foods and drinks
  • strict warnings on drugs saying “keep out of reach of children”.

Taking risk

We take risks everyday of our lives, the fact is that the more we know the more we worry, the rate of risks posed today in our time is far more greater than centuries ago.

Yes technology has made things easy and better but the more the advantages the greater the risks, this is why everyone wants an automobile when we all know the fumes carbon monoxide (co) is harmful to both our health and the ozone layer of our planet yet we don't mind taking the risk because it has become a normal part of our everyday life.

Obviously Risk is what keeps us moving every single day, no one can run away from it, we believe we can take it without regrets and with faith that it leads to something good. Risk is the reason a surgeon can operate on a human patient and that patient still lives, same reason we would stay in a flying metal called plane, weighing tonnes which is almost as heavy as a house without fear, while the people below look up at it without fear of it dropping on them.

Risk has played an important role in our lives be it good, bad or ugly, many find success through it while others find the opposite.
The question we should ask is,
is all risk worth taking?

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Wow! You have got some amazing pictures here. And my answer is no love, not all risks are worth taken...beautifully written.



Thanks @mosunomotunde , i miss you and your smile ☺😘