10 Life Hacks That You Need to Know

3년 전

Wanna learn some quick hacks that can simplify your life and help you save time and money? Here's a list of 10 life hacks which I found are the most applicable to our daily lives.

1. When ironing a buttoned shirt, flip it inside out to make things easier when it comes to ironing the buttoned side.

This way, you wouldn't have to go through the frustration of navigating the iron around the buttons of your shirt no more.

2. Too lazy to even iron your clothes? Bring them with you hang it in the shower room while you take a hot shower.

The steam from the hot shower will smoothen the creases in your shirt and make it look brand new.

3. When traveling, keep a bar of soap with your dirty laundry to prevent them from smelling bad.

Whose dirty laundry smell like lavenders on a summer afternoon? That's right - yours do.

4. Want to chill a drink ASAP? Wrap a wet piece of paper towel around the bottle and put it into the freezer - you'll get an ice-cold beverage in 15 minutes tops.

Curious as to why this works? Try standing outside on a cold winter night wrapped in a wet towel.

5. Crack a hard-boiled egg and immerse it in water - you'll be able to remove the shell in no time.

Alternatively, you could add baking soda to the water that you use to boil the eggs. The shells will come off right away.

6. You thought pop tabs were useless? Try putting your straw through them while you take a sip of that Diet Coke.

Guess pop tabs aren't that useless after all.

7. When heating leftovers in the microwave, don't forget to make a circle in the middle to ensure even heating.

Say goodbye to cold food!

8. Wanna start a campfire but can't seem to find any pinecones nearby? Try your Doritos instead.

The amount of fat and oil in the chips make them a perfect candidate to start a fire.

9. Removing BO with lemons/oranges.

If you're having a bad case of BO, just grab some lemon/orange peels and rub them on your underarms/necks/face - problem solved!

10. Want to prevent your pot of spaghetti from boiling over? Just put a wooden spoon over the pot.

The wooden spoon will break up the bubbles that rise to the brim of the pot and prevent them from overflowing.

Bonus hack for college students: Put your milk right next to the freezer compartment.

Trust me, your milk will last longer this way.

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  ·  3년 전

Thanks for sharing


Thank you for reading! Anda berasal daripada Malaysia juga? Hahaha

By the way, I followed you - would love if we could connect on Steemit and support each other on this journey!

  ·  3년 전

No. I'm indonesia


Ahhh I see! Well hello there, neighbor! :)

Great tips! I learned a few things. The next time I need a cold beverage quickly, I'll be set.


Thanks for reading! And yesss that's a good party trick haha

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