How To Set A Goal And What To Achive And How!

2년 전

What are the different way of thinking of Two People Of the dreams and Goal !

I want to discuss some thing which i need to explain how to make some goals and how to make it comes true story of two Boys.

In Today's Story we are going to discuss Life Of Two BOYS:

  • Dreams is to Buy A Ferrari In next 10 Years :

These Two boys are in 10th Class there dreams is to buy a Ferrari in next 10 Years!

Both make this Goal of their life and they start struggle for this and want to make a change in the life!

Now First Boy Thoughts:

The first one went to home and he decide that by any way good or wrong he will have to make money and he will achieve his goal and he will be able to buy a car for sure in the NExt 10 Years and he make it his life.He start struggle and he knows that by any way he will be able to complete his dreams and he will become a successful person in this world and he will show to the people that he is something.

The second Boy:

He went to home and he set and think that how he will complete his life dream to buy the ferrari car?

BUt first he went to his past that what happened to His brother and how life will change and it will help others as well not only my dreams , so he thought that when he was a child his little brothers had an accident and he was taken to the local hospital and their were not proper treatment available at their town and his brother had lost his one leg just because of lack of proper treatment and actually on exact time!

So he make a task that he will buy a car buy making himself a doctor that he will help others as well he decide that if his dreams come true or not but he will become a doctor and he will get training and he will come to his town so in the future he has a chance to help someone like his brother and he will not loss his life in such way just because on not get proper treatment on time.

After 10 Years:

  • The first one has his goal achieved and he buy the car what he want so he decide that he will have a change to make a luxury home in next 5 years!
  • Second one has become a doctor and he was serving his life for those who are suffering and he is earning small amount.

Both of them are having same goal but their way of reaching to the goal was very different from each others,so that we are get that when first person reach to his goal his life will be more fast now and he will have no rest in his mind that he was in hurry to make a new goal and he will now set another goal that he can make such progress in 10 years in next 10 years he can set another Goal and he will be not happy with this current success.

The first one will be not greedy and the progress will be mad with time and he will be happy though out his life and he will be satisfied from so much things.

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You've given a great example on how people achieve their dreams. Yes, dreams and goals are way too different. Dreams are a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind. While goals are set with a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed) guideline. It is not nice to do bad things just to achieve your dreams. You have to work for it for you to be able to attain it. That's why you need to have a proper goal plan to achieve dream. Dreams are like the top of the ladder, you can't reach the top of it without passing through the first and successive steps.

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