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Now that you have signed up for Givling, find out how you can move ahead in the Queue!

Givling is a free app you can download to help “end student loan debt by playing a free game”.

There are two ways to get a payday!

"The Givling trivia game pays out large cash awards to the highest scoring trivia team, while simultaneously raising money to crowdfund student loan and mortgage debt."

The best part is you can win even if you don’t have student loans. Better yet, you can still get $50,000 funded for your mortgage if you have one or gift the money to a loved one.

Go to your app store (whatever place you normally download apps) and type in Givling.

When you do, make sure to mash that “Join & Play” button to Create Your Account (and please use my Invite code MP862580)!


Now let’s see what you can do to move up the Queue:

Every day you get two (2) “Free Plays” which is awesome and will get you 100 Queue points per play and then 1000 Queue points for watching an ad after the game.

So far we are at 2200 Queue points a day for FREE!

There are a few other FREE ways to get points that we will discuss later on in this series, but for now let’s say you want more Queue points and you want some cool Givling swag!

Let’s get stylin’

Givling Merch! via Teespring

Join Givling with code MP862580

The website shows you the prices and Queue points you get, but if you are a broke nerd like me, you want to know what is gonna get you the most points per dollar.

So I did the math.

Notice that the prices may have changed and if you join the Givling Facbook Page or get their emails you will get notified with special offers like Triple Points for purchases on certain days!

Givling Merch Queue Point Math Sheet

Join Givling with code MP862580

Check my math for errors and let me know!

You can see I listed the Items available for purchase (this list is inclusive but not exhaustive) and they are sorted from top to bottom of most to least expensive final price per queue point or PPQP.

Column A lists the item (there are multiple “Shirt Apparel”s listed because of the price difference in different style shirts).

Column B lists Queue Points for the item (at the time of writing).

Column C lists Price per item (at the time of writing) and may be subject to change. If you want something that is a different price, make sure to make a copy of my Google Givling Merch Queue Point Math Sheet and then edit it for your needs.

Column D lists Raw Price Per Queue Point. That is to say the simple math of Price divided by number of Queue Points received for purchasing the items.

Column E shows what Shipping Cost you pay to get the first item of its kind.

Column F shows what Shipping Cost you pay to get the second item of its kind. So you get a discount for ordering multiples of the same type of item.

Column G figures the sales tax that you will pay by multiplying the item price + shipping by the local tax rate in your area. For me, my state’s sales tax rate is 8.25%. Note that this varies by location so make sure to make your own copy of the sheet and put in your rate to get the most accurate math.

Column H brings us the Total Price = Item Price + Shipping + Tax.

Finally, Column I brings us the Real PPQP or the final price per queue point or PPQP.

You can see that a single “Coffee Mug” will be the most expensive buy and run me about 0.0031 cents per point, whereas surprisingly “Coffee Mug + Sticker” comes in at about 0.0014 cents per point making the add on stiker worth it and the best deal!

Hopefully this helps in your decision making process of “How to Move Up the Queue” faster!

If you haven’t done so already, I ask you, can you help by downloading an app and playing a free game?

Can you please help me by using my Givling invite code MP862580 when you do?


Join Givling with code MP862580

Once you download the app and while you are signing up, just enter my code MP862580 and help me help you help everyone!


Written, adapted, and rewritten, by Michael Paine

If you haven’t recalled, we have spoke before.

If you are interested in more on Givling, check out my story, How to Sign Up for Givling!,and stay tuned to future upcoming posts explaining a look at other Queue Point offers that break down the price per point and other ways to move on up that Queue!

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