Dirty Neighbors, Not Your Wasteyard


It is really a pain and inconvenience when neighbors don't seem to care for the people around
them. Last week, my mother was pouring out her annoyance when she saw the side of our house
filled with accumulated trash thrown by our neighbor's customers. There were cigarette butts
which is very dangerous because that may cause fire. Then at the end of our backyard, it was filled
mostly with sachets of detergent powder, shampoo, etc.

What the heck?!

cjei1sit7r.jpg Image source: Pixabay

It's very sad to know how undisciplined some people are, and considering they are students makes it
VERY disappointing. Where are their manners? A simple act of disposing their trash properly is
difficult for them so what more on bigger responsibilities? I wonder if they find joy throwing trash
on someone's property? If so, then there's a problem inside their heads.

This case makes me so envious of Japan where they extensively teach their citizens good
manners starting at a very early age. I wish our government would also do the same because if we do not give importance on that, they'll be someone like these unmannered people in our neighborhood causing
inconvenience and problems to somebody.

For a temporary solution, we are going to put a net to catch those trash. If they still continue throwing in
our backyard, then we have to report it to officials and have their windows removed because they do not
deserve to have windows. They see it as a huge trash bin anyway. 🤣

And this morning, my mother discovered another anomaly from our neighbor. Yes, it doesn't
stop with the trash. 😂 At the farthest corner of our backyard, there's a hole where liquid waste flows out from
the boarding house where the undisciplined students are residing. A few years ago,
there's also a hole near our laundry area where liquid flows from the building too. It is not only the
students who are the problem but the building owners as well. These owners clearly don't know
building codes, or simply, manners of being a good neighbor. They just go for their cheapest option without caring for its effects to their neighbor. Lucky for us and
unfortunate for them because my mom is an architect and she knows every bit of the building
code like how well you know the lyrics of your favorite song.

She always knows the best solution to structural issues. She can immediately point out whether someone is violating the property and knows what
action to take for a specific issue. They may have money but it can't buy common sense.

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