Joana Who? Messages from A Stranger


lhb04cmikt.jpg Image source: Pixabay

I know at some point, we all have experienced being called and texted by someone we don't know. Last Sunday night, my phone rang while I was using it. I was skeptical of answering it because it only registered a phone number. Only few people know my phone number so new numbers really feels sketchy for me, unless I bought things online or waiting for a job application.

I almost answered the call but after a few seconds, the ring stopped and I received a message. It says that Joana and I will be meeting at Quiapo. I don't know anyone named Joana and I don't even know how to go to Quiapo. Lol.


After that is a series of more miss calls and texts. I was tempted to reply but he/she never texted again.


Honestly, I don't know if this is an honest mistake or just an act to lure someone to text them back. If this is really a mistake then they should learn to be careful of the numbers they are sending their messages to. If it was a scam, then sad to say, they can't lure me. I wish though that "bhe" and Joana were able to meet that night. 🙏

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