The Stream -- The Storm [vol. 3]

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DISCLAIMER:: This post is part of an ongoing stream of consciousness series. While each part can be enjoyed as a standalone piece, they will be best experienced when read in order. If you'd like to read from the beginning, the first part can be found here.

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* The Storm *

The wind
whips up again,
more powerful
than before.

Water flies
sideways and upwards,
defying gravity,
freezing over,
and hailing down.

Ice projectiles
pelting rock and plant,
decimating the landscape
and destroying dreams..

The force is palpable
the angry storm rages still,
lashing out with
ferocious intensity

but, for me..
there is calm..
there is peace..
there is silent appreciation.

My stillness infuriates
the aerial beast of light and sound,
which pounds the ground
with wet fists
and hisses
its displeasure..

It swells up again
to full measure,
beating its chest
with thunder
and wondering,
why I remain


This is Part Three of a stream of consciousness writing series. Part Two can be found here and Part Four can be found here. Comments, critiques, opinions are welcome in the comments... I hope you are looking forward to the continuation of this series.

Until Then...

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pounds the ground
with wet fists
and hisses
its displeasure..

You know that video of a meditator/yogi sitting in a New York street and it's time lapse around him with everyone rushing past and he's still and poised and calm? Yeah that.


hmm, perhaps it's a Storm of People or a Tempest of Information?