Finally back Home! Sweet home

3년 전

Who would not like to come back home where one's has his family,friends and infact everyone.

I study at university and live in the university dorms. So I come home after like two months evertytime but this time I was really homesick but couldn't do anything becasue I was having my final exams. So finally exams are over and now I am back home.

Living away from home, I have realized how much importance our families have in our life and we don't realize that while living between them. Sometimes long distance relations really bring out the real love among you.

This is picture which I clicked today in my town. Such a nice sunset.

This sun is setting but our sun is about to rise.

No University, that means no classes, no assignments, no exams which means more free time to spend on things which you like. So from now on, I am going to be quite active on Steemit.

One important news:

I have a really big news to share with you guys, so will share it tomorrow.

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