Things don't go always your way

3년 전

I planned to.......ummm let me think... am I writting it right?

Oh let me correct it

We planned to make one of the coolest apps in the Augmented Reality in our this semester but at the end, you realize it is not possible what you are trying to achieve.

I am CS major and we had a project to do in this semester. So I with my other group mates decided to make something in augmented reality as it is the upcoming technology and going to have a lot of impact on our lives in the future.

We sat down, brainstormed some ideas and finally chose one.
We had to integrate maps in Augmented reality but down the line, we came to know that right now due to some technical constraints it is not possible in Vuforia which is a platform for development in Augmented reality.

We were really sad at that time because we had to then change our project but that's the part of life. This is how we learn.

We were only left with like 20 days before our submission so we made retro game pacman in Augmented Reality. We have tried to keep it as close to original as possible.

You can watch the video, everything is augmented on our predefined image and you can see the objects by the movement of your camera when they are being augmented.

We learnt a great lesson

Always be ready for any unexpected thing and make sure you stand up once you fall.

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