What is on your Bucket List

3년 전

Everyone has some goals and some things in life to achieve and want to do that before he dies.


Do So I because I believe if you don't have any excitement in life and don't want to achieve something then I don't think you are living your life.

Life without the challenges and new problems is just not worth living.

Your goals and your desires are what keeps you going.

I have so many to achieve in life and I believe so do all of you, so why not let's share with each other what you have on your bucket list and what are your goals.

If anyone finds something interesting and cool, he/she should be allowed to plagiarise :p

My list is not final, I am just looking for new things and adding them to time.

  1. Attend this summer school at Wharton/UCL/Imperial College.
  2. Travel at least 100 countries
  3. Taste traditional foods of those countries
  4. Have at least one friend from all these visited countries.
  5. Buy an Island
  6. Attend La Tomatina festival.
  7. Spend time with Hindu and Buddhist monks in the Himalayas
  8. Run a Marathon.
  9. Fly my own plane.
  10. Meet strangers and have food with them.
  11. Do skydiving.
  12. Do bungee jumping
  13. Do Scuba diving
  14. Ride in a hot air Balloon
  15. Swim with a dolphin
  16. Spend a night at a haunted place
  17. Watch a space shuttle launch(SpaceX :p)
  18. Attend weddings of different cultures/Religions
  19. Kiss on the Eiffel tower top
  20. See earth from Mars.


  1. Traveled two Countries
  2. Have friends from both Countries
  3. Have eaten food in Only one Visited Country.

This is my list. Tell me what do you think about it and what are yours.

Interesting would be to know about the list of other members too, so I will try to connect to them and ask them and share with you guys.

NOTE: If you find anything interesting, you are all allowed to plagiarise it :p

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I've done:

bungee jumping
hot air balloon

some cultural meals
some travel
some friends in other countries


Oh that's great. I am jealous lol

I haven't done much but hopefully would be doing in future. I have just started, now only have to keep going.


whoa! i feel like you've seen so much of the world already and i'm sure you're still looking to do more

It's really a great list and I have similar goal in my list too! One of my favorite goal is "Spend a night at a haunted place" :D


Really? That's interesting.
I didn't know you could be that adventureous :p

Hey if you really have these goals and haunted part too then I am sure you are an interesting personality and will be having some other goals too which should be shared with steemit community.
If you allow me, let's discuss it over discord @suf1an, ping me there I will kind of interview you and then will publish. I don't know if you have given any interview before or if it is on your bucketlist but anyway it would be fun and we all will get to know about interesting goals of people. I am planning to interview two other well reputed people of steemit too but we haven't finalized time yet, so you could be the first one.


wow, thanks! I haven't give any interview before!
I have to say that I like to visit an hounted house because me and my hubby are really intrigued by the movie placed in haunted houses. Many years ago I visited an ancient "haunted" building that in time became a touristic residence, but I didn't see anything strange ;)


Hahha, what I think is mostly our way of reacting to things. There is nothing like haunted thing which I belief because I haven't experienced anything yet lol

You know what, even horror movies couldn't scare me. I am always like tell me best horror movie to watch, I want to experience that feeling but nah.

Well, I think i share some things similar with you on by bucket list like:

  1. Travel to different countries
  2. Ride in a hot air ballon
  3. Kiss on the Eiffel tower top (this one is very important)
  4. Get to the top of the statue of liberty and look down from there
  5. Fly my own plane.
  6. Have a good chat with Bill gates
  7. Meet face to face with famous musicians Rihanna, Drake, Eminem
  8. Own an NGO
    Those are the ones i can currently think of at the moment

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