Some risks to sleep more

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Scientists say there is no alternative to sleep to keep body-healthy. Removing the lack of sleep is so important. But what may be extra sleeping risk for health? Everyday 7-8 hours of sleep is needed, there may be seven types of health losses if you sleep more often. Know more harmful aspects of sleeping.

1. Creates the risk of depression: A study of 2014 says that due to sleep, people's symptoms of depression are revealed. The test showed that people who sleep for 9 hours and more, the symptoms of depression increased by 49 percent.

2. Eliminating the brain's performance: A 2012 study found that sleep or very long time sleep reduces the ability of the brain to work. If women are less than five hours or for more than 9 hours, they may reduce their brain work for two years.

3. Problems in pregnancy: A 2013 study in Korea showed that excessive sleep caused women to lose pregnancy. This study is conducted on approximately 650 women. Famous Andocrinologist Dr. Ivan Rosenblath said that sleeping involves 24 hours of biological cycle, hormonal discharge and menstrual cycle. These are directly related to pregnancy again.

4. The risk of diabetes increases: A study in Quebec University of Canada says that the risk of blood glucose control over eight hours of sleep overnight causes the body to lose control. It increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

5. There is an increased risk of weight gain: Another study of the same university said, due to very little or more sleep, body weight increased abnormally. The weight gain of these people is 25 percent more. Obesity can occur due to excessive sleep.

6. Can hurt heart: American College of Cardiology conducted a study in 2012. It is said that cardiovascular problems continue to increase for more than eight hours. They have been tested on three thousand people who are sleeping, and they are twice as likely to suffer from the risk of angina and tens of millions of coronary artery diseases.

7. Lives may decrease: In 2010 a review was published on 16 different research. It is said, those who are more sleeping, their fear of death is 1.3 percent higher than others. These studies were conducted on 13 lakh 82 thousand 999 people.

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