Start the National Vitamin-Plus Plus Campaign

4년 전

The National Vitamin-Plus Plus Campaign is running across the country. The campaign started on Saturday at 8am. A 5-year-old child will be given a red capsule and a blue capsule of 6-11 years old children in the campaign.

Vitamin-A plus campaign will be run in more than 20,000 mobile centers, including 1,20,000 permanent centers across the country. Mobile

The centers will be located in different busstands, bridge toll stations, railway stations, fencing etc.

The centers are open from 8am to 4pm. Children will be brought to the stomach filled center. About 20 million in the country

Vitamin A capsules will be provided to more than a million children under this program.

At least three are working as volunteer volunteers in each center. To make the campaign successful in Vitalin in remote areas

Special measures have been taken.

The press conference on the occasion of the conference at the Secretariat, the health minister. AHM Ruhul Haque The campaign was successful in the formation of a well-established nation

Calling upon the countrymen to do so, she said, "On the day of campaign one child should not be excluded. All babies like Vitamin A

The capsules are fed. Those who have five-month-old children should bring their children to the vaccination center.

Feeding this capsule twice a year helps protect children from night blindness, blindness, malnutrition and various infectious diseases.


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