Valentine cakes for a loved one

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Love will continue to continue. He does not have any specific days Nevertheless, all lovers of the world celebrate February 14 as an example of unforgettable self-sacrificing love. Every day people want to give their loved ones a little different love. The special people who want to make the closest person happy. On this day, to celebrate the love of the loved ones, the evening can be astonishing to celebrate a memorable event. This emotional arrangement can be made meaningful by cutting a cake. And if the cake is made by itself, then it is a lot of emotional excesses. So you can quickly learn the recipe for making a heart shaped cake.

Whatever it takes

Sugar 1 cup, flour 2 cups, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, little cocoa powder, 2 eggs, half cup milk, 125 grams of butter, topping on top of any brand chocolate sauce, the preferred fruit for the sort.

How to do it

Blend well with butter and eggs, one minute. Make more than 1 minute of sugar with sugar. Mix the flour into the mix, mix it with baking powder. Now pour a mixture of heart shaped dish on the microwave oven and mix it. The mixture should be given to less than half of the pot. Bake 7 to 8 minutes on the high hit. Whether it has been found out with toothpick or not. Otherwise, from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Of course, if this cake is a little soft then it feels good to eat. Take out the cake for a while. Then refrigerate cold chocolate syrups, while light is hot. In it, some syrup cakes will go inside and your cake will be great fun. If you want, you can design a cake with a variety of cream or chocolate cream. You can use cherries or any fruit and nuts for the cake. The diamond became delicious celestial cake.

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