How Can I Tell You I Know This Won't Be The Last Song 💙

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The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. - Tony Robbins

How many times have we rolled out a world map, packed a bag, booked a flight, made some epic travel plans.

Life's a journey, they say.

But what if the ultimate journey was now? What if you already reached the very best of all destinations.

That little perfect world where you fit in like the very last missing puzzle piece.

I thought I was born to leave, until I discovered the love for the arriving.


There's nothing but blue skies.

And apparently that's just enough.

We're trained to be on that restless, neverending pursuit of happiness, to always want MORE, while we don't even know what we're actually looking for.

We're so obsessed with the idea of more that we unlearn to appreciate what's right in front of us.

That's what I'm planning to do.

I'll be rolling out beach towels instead of world maps and packing picnic baskets instead of travel bags.

Let's see how that goes...

How can I tell you I know this wont be the last song.

I don’t wanna listen (I don’t wanna listen)
Too much
Not gonna give up on the days I know I’ve won

That’s where I am going
Cause there is nothing nothing but blue sky
That’s where I am going
Nothing but
Rainbows falling down on me... uh yeah hey

What about you? Have you already found your power place?

Much love,
Marley -

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yes I know these feelings very well... Searching, searching, restless.... More and more, never enough...

When one discovers a new place on our earth and suddenly a feeling like.....


appears, then you know you found your destination for life.

Have a wonderful day

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Thanks to the media, traveling has also become a status symbol of our generation. Staying at one place is not very trendy among all those self-made insta-bloggers.

I'll be swimming against the stream though :-)

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Tom! I wish you a wonderful day, too.

It's a blue sky day here too, and that song is sounding nice sat under it :D


I'm listening to it in an endless loop :-)

Enjoy that deep blue, Ash. Remember: good things come to good people.. 💙


Thank you for the little pick me up :)

“Skies are blue and my love is true ”

Lol , seeing those beautiful skies in the background just thought to share a line from composition of my English song 😬


Hehe.. I bet you don't know my Steem career started in the #poetry section :-)) No kidding.


Yup I don't know about it , it's a surprise for me😁 , but the way by seeing quotes in your every post I was able to assume something like this but yeah “obviously” not “exactly” , see how perfect I'm in rhyming 😂 (just joking).

I would love to read your poetry , if you have any links available do let me know I would love to take some inspiration from it😊. Looking forward to read it :)

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The little with us is better that the millions without! If I learn how to appreciate them (the little with me), I’ll stand the chance of living fulfilled even without both hands filled.

Thanks dear Marlene.


Agreed, Max! It's those shiny things in the corner of the eye that matter most of the time :-)

From all of your posts, your island looks like paradise.

A beach towel, picnic basket, surfboard and beautiful sky while listening to the waves lap up the beach...


To me it's paradise, without any doubt :-)

@surfermarly, What is greater message than truth. Unfortunately many are self-sabotaging themselves and they are not holding the gratitude towards their life and want more without knowing what's that more. We have only this Now Moment in reality and we should not forget it because if we forget it then we cannot buy this time never and may be we will miss one of the wonderful moments.

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Yeah, also we don't actually know how much we've got left. So if you only do plans for the future while you never truly live the moment, you may regret that at some point in time.

Reminds me of one of my favorite videos ever published on Youtube: EVERYBODY DIES, BUT NOT EVERYBODY LIVES by Prince EA (5 minutes worth watching)

Thanks for stopping by @chireerocks, I hope you're having a great day!


I am personally inspired by one of the video of Prince EA regarding count till 5 and just do it, no more overthinking and no more phase of stuck.

But thank you so much for sharing this piece too which is really mind opening. We are living the truth but sometimes others showcase that actually we are not living the truth, you are living the life of May Be, but life means, This Is The Time live fullest so that when you look back you will not find the regrets. Stay blessed.

My teacher asked my favorite colour. I answered Rainbow and I was punished to stand out of my class

Yes my favourite colour is SEVEN and it’s called Rainbow 🌈

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thanks to share your valuable content. nice presentation.

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