Travel, Festivals, and Ceremonies

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This is the text I prepared for my English class.
این متن انگلیسی را من برای تمرین زبان پایه‌ی نهم نوشتم.

موضوع آن درباره "شخصیت" و " سفر" و "جشن‌ها و مراسمات" است.


Travel, Festivals, and Ceremonies

Hello friends.

Today is the 28th of Isfand.

I am travelling to Isfahan tomorrow. I'm very happy but I have to do a lot.
Today at 5 PM I'm buying a plane ticket, because my trip is with the plane. I like air travel, because I feel like I'm in the clouds.

Then at 6 o'clock, I will pack my clothes. My grandparents and my uncle live in Isfahan. I'm visiting them for the New Year holidays.

I love them and the other people of Isfahan, because, they are very kind and hard-working and helpful. Students of Isfahan are clever and studious.

Every year my grandmother makes cookies for the New Year. My cousins color the eggs and my uncle plants the greens. I buy “samanu” and goldfish and then my grandfather and I set the Haft Seen table.

At noon, my aunt cooks the special food for lunch. Then we visit our relatives and the older members give younger ones money as the new year gift.

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خیلی متن زیبایی نوشته ‌ای و طراحی با ذوقی هم گذاشته ‌ای .


من بسیار خوشحال هستم که آن را بخوانم

Good My friends

You are travelling always and keep good journey and happy earning


You are travelling
Always and keep good journey
And happy earning

                 - talharazaqexpert

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