My Dining Room is Done

3년 전

Well, at least the painting is done. I’m still waiting for a carpet, curtains, decorations, art and a lamp.
I really love the blue color on the wall.
It’s called “blåis», which is Norwegian for blue ice.

Here’s a sneak peek of the room.




I’ll update you guys when the room is completely done.

Here’s what it looked like before, when it was a guest room:


The black table is probably going to have to go, because I bought a used table and painted it the same color as the walls. I hope it looks good in the dining room, but I can’t move it yet because it has just been painted. Notice the missing top cabinets in my kitchen? I told myself I’d do only one room at he time, but ...


Next room to redecorate is my living room. It will be painted grey, I think.

The before pictures:



This room will require even more painting, so wish me luck.


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OMG, I wish you all the luck.It looks so good. I am jealous :p
Seriously, it looks awesome. You can get such good pictures there and it is going to be awesome for videos too.
Did you design and decide what to put and paint all on your own?
It looks like the fancy apartment you see in movies where rich people live or go on vacation haha


Hi! Thank you so much. No, a friend is helping me, she is an interior architect. And really good at her job.
Haha, well I'm not rich, but I do spend a lot of time deciding what to put in my apartment. :)

Wow it looks great....great makeover loved it.....thank you for giving us the tour.


Thank you so much.

It was amazing
great job


Thank you.

here comes my dream home..
i am loving it and dreaming of it..
how great my life would become here

Looks nice! I like the mirror AND the cactus! :) You have some good photo-skills! Do you have another place to make a guest bedroom too? Any idea what to do with the wooden kitchen wall/tiles?

Your redecoration is very nice, it matches the color of your floor. Good luck and keep embellishing your home.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

hey susanne you are too cute on this, can i give you a kiss please.


Ha ha - thank you.

The result is spectacular. Looks great. I also sent you a message. You should check your wallet. It's very important to me.


Sending me funds isn't going to help you, unfortunately. I only vote for content that I find interesting and content that I really like. This is the wrong way to go about it, my friend.

Love all the natural light you have streaming in here...

There are a lot of textures going on in there. Wood. Brick. Tile. It's kinda like a showroom! Good luck with your painting!

I like a large number of fresh flowers, they make the apartment so cozy!

You’ve done a great job with it and the photos are great too. Are you an interior decorator? Nice job!


Thank you so much. No, but I've got a friend that is an interior architect and she's helping me with the redecorations.


Well, it’s looking great. You have a great space there and even just judging by your photos it seems welcoming.

Nice decoration and Good luck to you

Wow, that looks like a great home Susanne!

Det ser veldig kult ut, er fint med litt farger, og jeg digger den grønne kaktusen!

Arizona must have left an impression on you! :-)
Everything looks amazing!

It really is a beautiful and elegant apartment apartment ,,, I wish you happiness in your life،، good luck my dear friend @susanne 👍👍


Thanks. That's nice to hear. Thank you very much for you kind words.


Wellcome for u all the time @susanne 😉

Beautiful! I love the atmosphere that you've created!

  ·  3년 전

Good luck @susanne

Kitchen: in the background, is it a picture or actually the original wooden beams you can see?

That's wonderful!! I've been travelling in the last 12 months, moving from place to place all the time, and now I feel like it's time to have a base somewhere, where I can always return to... I'm so happy for you :)

Looks awesome ! Beautiful decoration !!