And So Our Karate Journey Begins!


My son recently turned five and for his birthday his number one wish came true! He has been dying to learn "ninja skills", as he calls them, so we signed him up for karate lessons. Today he had his 4th lesson and so far so good. He also received his white belt, his mitts, and his training garb. So world - get ready for this fiesty little ninja!

What's quite interesting, for me, is how family orientated the sport is. The entire household is now walking around bowing to each other saying "ooss" and we're even counting in Japanese! In fact, I am even considering signing up for karate myself (and not just because the sensei is super cute - he he).

How darn cute is this NINJA?

I am really hope that this karate bug sticks with my kid and that it the practice will follow him through into adulthood. It's a sport that has lovely movements and the symbolism is also er special!

I'll keep you updated with our journey and who knows where this new adventure will take my son and our little family!


Much love - @sweetpea

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