Join the movement for less meat and dairy and a healthier planet!

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Industrial meat and dairy production threatens our forests, water, climate and health. But its days are numbered. Together, we will change our communities, our governments and ourselves. Less meat and dairy now for a healthier future.

Join the movement NOW!

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I am a meat lover. No idea what to do with this...

It is tru that we overindulge in meat consumption especially in the west. It would be nice to see a reduction in the use of livestock althought we all know this would be at the percieved cost of people losing their jobs in the livestock industry.

Here in ghana livestock is raised but far ffrom mass produced.

GREAT initiative! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

its alarming we need to be responsible in every way! thanks for sharing from kryptonia @cristinealimasac

WOW, Greenpeace now is for veganism?
If so, this is a very good news! :)

this would be hard for the meat lovers 😁😉

Lovely post.. From kryptonia@everdope..

Forests and vegetation receive permanent aggressions from the human being and the industry, thank you for bringing this subject into your post, you need to take care of everything green

Red meat are not even too good for human health.

this is your friend from kryptonia edenjevy c. oliveros

nice post and thanks for the info. @ronaldbuenaflor

I'm really appreciate your efforts about steemit and Kryptonia @bodymanual

It's about time we went back to the old ways
Kryptonia - socialmediaseo

Thanks for the post and food for thought.@bon-nom

I have signed up

Makes sense your post it has my upvote

Thanks Colin

Mi más sincero aplauso y abrazo a cualquier iniciativa en defensa del planeta. Si no somos capaces de cuidar nuestro entorno, nuestro hogar en definitiva.... apañados vamos. Salud. @xintoe

fantastic post

I tried to eat more of fish and vegetables now! It is more healthy and good for the health.I want to help the environment. Upvoted, followed and commented by rubelynmacion of kryptonia.

Ese movimiento me parece muy bueno @sydesjokes ya que no solo dejaríamos a los animales reproducirse sino que nos serviría para limpiarnos y desintoxicarnos de tanta carne animal en nuestro cuerpo que no nos hace nada bien. Con lo de los árboles la verdad, eso está más serio el asunto ya que se está deforestando para construir o para minar grandes extensiones de tierras y eso hace que el clima esté más caliente y deje de llover. Kryptonia @isabelpena

Together we can make our planet healthier 💯
#kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

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Wow this is a good initiative..upvoted and resteemed by @joancabz kryptonia

I've gone 80% fruit diet. Meat won't sink, vegetables won't sink, milk stopped 40 years ago. @damiana

Interesante ¿NO?

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Reasonable post, upvote from kryptonia@jacobzeema

We all hope for a better world. Sad to see how commercialism ruined our beautiful home. ☹
@avon.grace from Kryptonia

as a meat lover my self. all I can say is i can try. lol

  ·  3년 전

joe@uvas23 from Kryptonia, spreading some love.

dede kryptonia

I tried to eat more of fish and vegetables now. It is more healthy and good for the health. Kryptonia ID @lynlene

everythig in excess is bad


greetings from Kryptonia from @anixio!

Great initiative but needs continuous campaigning to achieve success.