Feel disappointed and being bullied on my first day of steemit

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I feel disappoint and being bullied on my first day of steemit

This is my second post I will used this as an expression of what I have feel on my first introductionary post. I wrote a summary for who I am in the outside world and read all their good comments, accept their invitation to meet more friends but some of them are not up voted. I did not understand why they write good comments but still not upvoted my post.

I am not begging from you to upvote my post, I think it's really understandable that you read it that`s why you wrote a good comment make me expect that you have upvoted me.

In others words what’s the point of reading and giving good comment by not upvoting.
You make me disappoint and feel bullied about it.
Today I am thinking if I will pursue this steemit life or not, since I am having a bad day on my first post.

In behalf there are also good steemians giving good comments and read my post that’s why they share their love to hit the upvote bottom. I might thinking they know what I feel

I apologize for today post I am new in this community and still learning on it but we have freedom to express our expression.

Thank you for tyour consideration

Let`s do an experiment here. I will use tag #introduceyourself seeing how they comment to this post or just saying "welcome to steemit" which means he/she is not reading.

Anyways.... I may continue this account to improve in writing as bases buy counting the number of votes. I've heard some are buying votes and I don't know If their is a profit in there.

I see stemians define this platform as "changing life" of what? I believe there skills are improving aside from earning.

"which is true?"

If you read this post I expect you gonna write a comment on it.

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I agree when someone bothers to comment on a post, they should show the courtesy to upvote the post, even if they agree or not.

The explanation that comes to my mind why someone would comment without upvoting (unless it simply slipped their mind), is if they have a low voting power, but they still want to engage with other people.


sorry for the late reply. their is something on it...


No problem. Not sure if that's what happened in your case, but it used to happen to me and I was frustrated until I found the solution. People replied to my comments right away, while I saw them sometimes hours after.

It was obvious they used some kind of a tool to be notified of new replies, I just didn't know what it was.

Then I found them, it may help you too, if you don't know them yet. You have two great options, one is Steemify from @blockbrothers, the other is @ginabot which works on Discord.

Don't worry about internet bullies my friend just keep getting your content out there and you'll become better and better at writing and engaging your audience along the way. Gave you a follow looking forward to seeing future posts.


thank you mate.... I will follow you serve as my mentor.

I think you just need to be patient and continue providing goo content people want to read.

With regard to the bullying, I think you are way off base. Just because someone is not upvoting your post doesn't mean you are getting bullied. It could be they have no voting power or just didn't think it was worthy of an upvote.


oh I see. maybe your right and I feel sorry for it but.....
Nice to read those lines and make me more motivated. I am wishing I can do my best for posting. As what I have said I am not good in writing just hoping they will see me improving..

thank you....


I don't see myself as a good writer either. I spend most of my time reading and commenting.