How To Waste Hundreds Of Dollars On Internet ft. PTC Websites

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As an entrepreneur, In the beginning we try many different things to earn some bucks on the internet, but I got fucked form all those things.. Ups and down are a part of life, but in my case I think someone forgot to put ups in it...

All I have ever faced and many of you too have faced is loss, pure fucking loss.. Maybe that was because of my negligence and clumsiness but as long as I remember I had been much active and indulged too but still got nothing, maybe life is waiting for the right moment to show me the gleams of luxury..

Anyways, we all know that internet is full of scam, some scam seems fake but some are so artfully created that most of us just become a victim to them.. Like these bitchy PTC websites, I don't know how people earn from them, all I have seen is that they earn pretty much from us..

The Scam Story..!

As a beginner I tried several earning opportunities online but never invested a pie from my miney on them but then I met the biggest, the most attractive, the most luscious scam. PTC websites, or to be more particular Neobux, A website claims to be a well renowned website to be paying it's users since 2007 but I experienced its paying in the early 2018, And that paying still hurts..!

To all My fellow entrepreneurs, If you are new to online earning then never ever atleast invest in PTC websites. Because all they have to give is tension and some bitter memories to fuck you all your life..
As an enthusiastic newbie I researched about the best strategy to apply in neobux and some dick fella told me that I need to make an investment of atleast 200$ and after that I will be bathing in money..!

Thats where these scams seem more original, so I joined Neobux And invested 200$ in it, 100$ to buy membership and the other 100 to buy referrals who in theory would work for me but in reality all they did was nothing..!

After Joining the Gleams Of Heaven :

So after I joined Noebux, I was very pumped because I had invested my saving into some online business first time. I happened to be vary indulged and punctual in Neobux..
Neobux have a policy, they give every users 4 compulsory ads, which they have to view in order to take profit from the referrals..

So the first month was alright and little off from my expectations, but then one day I forgot to view those ads.. that was the days Noebux got an excuse to fuck me and my dreams with it..
They stopped m earnings, they stopped my profits from referrals, and gradually my account balance stated decreasing down to a level when it got -100$..!

After all this I got pretty depressed so I decided to post a thread on the Neobux Forum, So I posted thread about my complain and help request.. But instead of taking some positive and favourable actions, Neobux management blocked me from further forum posting . And also locked my accounts with all my savings in it..
After that I also tried to email them directly but no response from them, this incident fucked my hopes and enthusiasm so hard that I took a break from any kind of online work I used to do..

What I learnt {Conclusion}

So my fellow enthusiasts, don't waste your time in trying to make some easy money, because there is no easy money.. Success always come hard, there is no shortcut to longterm success...
Choose an aim, be dilligent, be patient, be hopeful and success will certainly knock your doorstep..
The funny thing is that what I am trying to advise you is something even I don't act upon..
But still I am trying to absorb the reality, the absolute truth that nothing big can be secured without sacrificing what you love, either it's your lifestyle, your time, and your comfort..!

Everything takes time and much patience, the qualities most of us don't possess.. But I am trying, and U should too to bend yourself according to the needs. So in the end your success could bend infront of you..!

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