Body language and how to prevent it go negative

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Actions are slower than thoughts. You may have unknowingly conveyed signals to the other party without recognising it, and as a result, your misunderstanding rate may have increased as compared to verbal messages. Here are ten unconsciously used body language gestures.

Lean back; If you want to show the other person that you are interested in the conversation, we propose sitting erect and watching from a position with your legs slightly apart.

Crossed arms or crossed legs; some experts believe that sitting on one's backs and crossing one's arms throughout a never-ending and long-overdue meeting is a sign of profound apathy. Crossing one's legs, in particular, can be dangerous.

Breaking eye contact during a conversation; breaking eye contact with the person with whom you are conversing would make the other party believe that you are not being truthful about yourself. By using the same approach on the person you wish to influence, you may flip this scenario to your advantage and gain your consumers' faith in business.

Clasping hands; this is physical sign that you are stressed and tense. Allow this perception to occur in people's minds only if you are adequately integrated with yourself in terms of self-confidence.

Putting your hands in your pockets or hiding behind your back; this is an unconscious position that practically everyone adopts throughout the day. However, it could also indicate that you are concealing something from the other party.

Touching your face, particularly your nose and lips, can put you in risk. If you've accepted the role of listener in a conversation, the fact that the other person keeps caressing their nose or the area surrounding their mouth could indicate that you're being deceived.

Nodding more than is necessary; If your head movements indicate that you are paying attention to and agreeing with what the other party is saying. Overdoing it, though, can make you appear frail. It might also be interpreted as apathy.

Constant fidgeting; Being continually on the move shows that you are bored or uneasy in your current circumstances. Moving your legs or playing with your hair all the time sends out really negative signals to the other side.


Maintaining a bent posture; According to studies, the unevenness of the shoulders, as well as seeing them depressed or bent, imply dissatisfaction. Individuals with serious depression are more likely to experience this circumstance. It will be advantageous for you to take a more erect posture in order to convey your self-confidence and contentment.

Pretty huge gestures; almost any portion of your body can be used to symbolise your self-assurance, and you can project the image you desire from the opposite side. However, increasing these applications will push you in the opposite direction at the same time. You can come out as haughty, causing people to lose interest in you.

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