Candlelight vigilance concert from my Balcony - Boosting Spirit during Hard times

3개월 전

I went in unprepared and did whatever my soul desired at that moment, in spite of the imperfections people never judged but embraced the intention behind the act and made me feel at home. Such is the power of music.

It Unites People irrespective of Religion, Location and color and lifts their spirit and gives them strength to see through difficult times.

This is what we did during Diya jalao campaign and suddenly in a city of strangers I was alone no more.

P.S. I don't have any political bias I don't understand much I am a common man and I believe action speaks louder than words. Those who can prove their worth will stay.

#9pm9minutes #9pm9minute #diyajaloacampaign #fightagainstcovid #india #pune Hope you like it. Share if you like.

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