Enjoy watching the surrounding view of my brother’s new condominium

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The Saint Residence63.jpg

Apart from the beautiful flowers and wonderful trees around the area of my brother’s new condominium that you already saw in my previous post, I also enjoy watching the beautiful buildings nearby the condominium. These create wonderful city views which I will show you photos of them via this post.

Today, I visited my mother at my brother’s new condominium again in the morning. It’s a cloudy day and it seemed that the sun stayed behind the clouds throughout the day.

The road was busy with many cars.

road6 (2).jpg

When driving by this road, I saw the “Elephant Building” closely, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elephant_Building. It’s very amazing and really huge…

If you remember, I took photos of this building while I stood at my brother’s old condominium and showed them to you in my old posts. In those photos, you can see the building in the far distance and not so close like this.

Elephant Building1 (2).jpg

When arriving at my brother’s condominium, I took some more photos of the buildings again in different corners, so you may feel like you stand by me there…. Haha!

The Saint Residence65.jpg

The Saint Residence67 (2).jpg

The Saint Residence69 (2).jpg

The Saint Residence68 (2).jpg

The Saint Residence60.jpg

The Saint Residence62.jpg

The Saint Residence46.jpg

Standing in the garden, you will see other high modern buildings in front of the condominium....

The Saint Residence38.jpg

The Saint Residence25.jpg

The Saint Residence26.jpg

The Saint Residence64.jpg

The Saint Residence32.jpg

My brother’s room is on the 20th floor. When my mother slept, I had nothing to do, so I entertained myself with the city view and the greenery of the surrounding area below. (This is not in the center of Bangkok, so there are not many high buildings around the area. They are mostly condominiums and not office buildings.) There is also a small canal that is not far away from the condominium.

I’m glad to see many trees everywhere; i.e. on both sides of the road, around the corners of each building, besides the canal, etc. The bright green trees match the buildings perfectly.

The huge white clouds covered the area. They were so wonderful.

The Saint Residence8.jpg

The Saint Residence9.jpg

The Saint Residence10.jpg

The Saint Residence5.jpg

The Saint Residence3.jpg

The Saint Residence4.jpg

I think these make Bangkok city look so nice, I can forget the busy life of the city for a while.... And these can relax my eyes and I very much enjoyed it. And I do hope you enjoy the photos, too....

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Nice and resteemed :-)


Thanks so much for resteemed my post and for your great support. ;)


You are very welcome :-)


Those photos look very good, I really liked the first one where the building looks super imposing with that height. Greetings..


Thanks a lot! I like it, too. That's why I chose it as the first photo. ;)

Thank you for sharing this beautiful condo, the photos of the city from above look great.


I'm glad you found the city view interesting. Thanks a lot! ;)

I observe that the gardens of that condominium are well cared for, the grass and trees look very green and healthy.


I totally agree with you! The greenery makes me feel good indeed. ;)