Christmas isn't the same this year

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I don't understand people

A situation happened over the summer that led my grandchildren going to live with their father, the only thing is he hasn't been established as the kids father in a court of law. I was trying to explain that and that he needed to establish paternity so he could officially get temporary custody. But before I could get it out. The gift my grandbabies made their other grandma was thrown at me. But I should back up a little.

Since they have went to live with their dad

I have picked them up every 2 weeks to spend time with them. I have tons of photos and videos of them and me playing and doing all sorts of activities. Then recently their dad got a new girlfriend and a few weeks ago he started ghosting me. Like WTF dude seriously? But I wasn't 100% sure but was 90% because he wasn't responding to my texts and I am going straight to voicemail when I call.

Then I decided I want my grandbabies to have their gifts for Christmas

So I was going to drop them off at their other grandma's. I texted her asked if I could bring them and she said anytime. But apparently when I said 11 and she responded anytime I thought it was okay to drop the gifts off. This is when I knew for 100% sure I am being ghosted. He took off because he thinks I am going to take the kids from him, one I can't do that, two only my daughter can and she is being ghosted too she is about to hire an attorney because she has custody and he doesn't, she asked him to keep the kids so she could get some stuff in her life in order and now he has pulled this.

I tried to explain to her that I am not a threat

That he needs to establish paternity and get an order so he doesn't have to worry about anyone taking the kids if that is what he is worried about but his mother didn't give me a chance to get anything other than he needs to establish paternity cause she started yelling and screaming and threw a coffee mug, a Christmas in heaven tin and a photo of the grandkids at me.

I am sad this Christmas

Cause I am being kept away from my grandbabies, but heartbroken my daughter is being kept away from her kids for no reason either. I am starting to see that maybe part of my daughter's issues is that her ex gaslighted her while they were together and has continued gaslighting her.

I have contact my attorney

He is kick ass, as he called me back yesterday as he monitors his messages and didn't want me to worry. I am filing to be an intervenor on behalf of my daughter and he will have us in court after the holiday and will get the paperwork ready to go and file on Monday when the courts open back up. I have never missed Christmas with my grandbabies. I am a good grandma. Who values experiences with my grandbabies over things. I know he will get me seeing my grandbabies again.

I even helped them make gifts for their other side of the family

Along with them making something for their mother, which the last time I saw them they wanted to put it under their tree when we finished wrapping it and they never got a chance to give it to her. I am so mad and the thing is up till he started ghosting my family and his children's mother my daughter I thought at least for now they were better off living with him. But alienation of affection is child abuse and to take that love away from the kids after you get a new girlfriend is wrong and I won't stand for my grandbabies being kept from us.

Their gifts will wait

Which has me heart broken as most of these are theirs. Plus I put this together for my granddaughter she said pretty please grams will you get me a doll house, she had me at pretty please.



On the other hand

My youngest daughter came home from college to spend time with me for Christmas and I am gonna go have lunch with her and buy her, her first legal drink in 6 days as she turns 21 on New Years Eve. It was great seeing her, but Christmas this year isn't the same.


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I'm so sorry that happened. They sound fucking awful. Who would suddenly decide to cut off kids from family for no reason? Just that alone sounds like he's an emotional abuser to me. I hope your attorney gets things right. Hugs to you and your grandkids and daughters. <3


Thank you and he will he is the best family attorney in that town and has been my attorney for nearly 20 years that is why he called me back so quick.

Man, it can be rough for sure when people split up and there are kids involved. Keep a happy heart and positive thoughts and all will be resolved. We miss ya at GHRO and are here for you anytime if ya want to chat.
Happy Holidays Queen!
Much love & RESPECT


Thanks and I might take you up on that.

That sucks, people like that are the worst. Time to take his ass to COURT!

The guy sounds like a sociopath to me. His new girlfriend needs to look out so that she will be prepared to leave at a short notice.