That Imaging

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Life is not simple imaging, the image that if your life is usually lavish, then you suddenly lived a simple because there want

Talking is not an image, it is imaging if you are fierce in your family, but in public speaking the language as if you are full of affection

Obeying Allah with a veiled, solemn prayer, reading the Qur'an is not imaging, which imaging that if you make it so while your daily life away from it

Gathered with the clergy, being a prayer imam, it is not imaging, but if you were that way just ahead of the election, do not blame people for judging you so

You do something far from your real self, you do something not because of God, that's what it's called imaging, that's engineering

You ride an economy class plane, but make the prices uneconomical, it's imaging. You are holding scholars but criminalizing ulama, that is imaging

You eat in the pavement, but make your people suffering from it imaging, you use flip flops but aqidah Muslims you make narrow, it's imaging

You go into the gutter, but your son's marriage is billions, that's imaging. You say love and care for the country, but the heavy foreign capital buying and selling of the country's assets, it's imaging

You say that tolerance is the life of a nation, but who can only discourse you, you say "I believe", but your aqidah ummah is not safe, it is imaging

Do not rush offense, this writing is not imaging, because I write not only when the regime is in power, but in the future all the leaders are so

It is this image that is completely imaging, because I am not a farmer who grows food. But one thing is for sure, the togetherness in this image, the original is not imaging


#radicalisromantis #pencitraan

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