Life Refle(x)ctions #4 – Taking Care of Myself


Life is challenging, we all know this somehow. The real question here is: how do we survive if nobody really teach us how to take care of ourselves?

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Hello there Crypto-Nauts. I welcome you if this is the first time you read me, and I hope you are having a great time around here. Do not worry if you are having a bad time in life it, will get better. All we need is time and stay positives. So as I said before life is a real challenge. Since the moment we are born, everything represents some kind of threat that could harm us while we are little babies. Then we start growing up, our parents teaches us in the best way they know about how to survive. Later on we develop our own ways to do things and guess what? We will never stop ourselves from learning.

The Old ways

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As soon as we start watching our family members behave somehow facing every kind of life situations, we start learning and absorb any kind of conducts and habits. Even we adapt some of their ways of thinking in us. I have used to think that many of those ways were wrong but now, many years later I understand than everybody is doing the best they can.
I have used to use the phrase:

Every people see what they want to see – Source Unknown.

But after many falls in life I have realised another way:

Every people see what they have learned to see – Mark Douglas

Changing that phrase may seems like something without importance but just by adding the learning element, it gives me a new way of see possibilities. Using the Old ways of thinking I can rely on this points:

  • My parents taught me to be in this way. If they were like this and they taught me this knowledge then it means it has to be in that way only.
  • Everything I know it cannot be changed because it has nothing to do with learning.
  • The world must take care of me. My family, my beloved ones are in charge of my needs.
  • I am what I am because no body else taught me to be in a different way.

I could continue with this list, using the old ways but I hope you can see something hidden between lines. As soon as we point our attention to the outside(parents, ways of living of others) we are avoiding the responsibility. This can do a lot of damage to us.

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The New ways – The other side of the coin

What it would be if I take the responsibility of my life, actions and thoughts? I have choices in life also you, don’t you?. For every situation, reaction, moment, emotion, feeling or memory, there is many possibilities. We have different faces of the same coin. For example: I go out and then an Old Lady come to me and say something like “You are making me sick, because you don’t even talk to me while living in my own house”. I could react by ignoring the lady, I could get annoy by her complains or I could listen to her and try to see what is really going on here. We always have choices in life and we can always decide. Even when we decide to do nothing we are deciding. Even when we decide to blame others or to give the responsibilities to others we have taken a decision.

If we realised is about learning

If we analyse the phrase: “Every people see what they have learned to see” we can see that everyone will react, talk, think and become whatever they have learned. So the key point here is the learning. This means something amazing in our power. The power of learn over and over again until we can achieve whatever we want in life.
If I stuck to the following:

I am as I am because when I was a kid, my Dad never gave me all I wanted. I am what I am because the system doesn’t allow me to be who I would like to be. When I was a kid my mom or my Uncle, abused of me in many ways, they have used to yell at me and they punched me in the face and this is why I am as I am.

By thinking this way we are killing all the other possibilities around our lives.
What if we instead think about this:

I have been raised in a certain way, because my parents learned about that but I decide to move on, leave the past where it is and start learning a new way of living.

Put a seed and watch it grow

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The learning process goes the same as plating a seed. First we have the thoughts which represent a seed. As soon as we plant that seed, we have to take care of it, put some water, let it take the sun and watch it grow. My question is: what kind of seeds are you planting in yourself? Have you ever wonder about this?

Taking care of myself means: body, mind and soul. If you are like me and many others out there then even if we never were taught how to do this, we can start today because we are conscious beings. Taking care of ourselves means we are the ones who can really give us a hand or let us fall in life.

So all depends on you as a person to really move on from the past or to stay in it. It sounds hard but won’t it be harder to watch life pass in front of you while you just live to blame on others?

Think about. In the mean time I ask you: How do you take care of yourself? Leave me a comment.

Peace Out.

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Felicitaciones theghoss 1980, me encantan las reflexiones: aprender es un proceso, así como es un proceso el crecimiento humano en sentido físico.Desde el mismo momento en que somos conscientes de que el tiempo que pasa y no tiene vuelta atrás, no lo perdemos en trasferir culpas a otros, por lo que es necesario utilizar herramientas para crecer y ser fructiferos, y una de esas herramientas sin lugar a dudas es la inequívoca sabiduría de nuestro padre celestial, quien nos dice en Isaías 48:17,18 “Yo soy Jehová el santo de Israel,aquel que te enseña para que tebeneficies a ti mismo, aquel que te hace pisar en el camino que debes andar”.Así de esta manera, con tal conocimiento no tenemos que caminar sobre nuestros pasos.


Excelente comentario. Me quedara esta frase hasta el fin de los tiempos, o al menos hasta el fin de los mios.

Desde el mismo momento en que somos conscientes de que el tiempo que pasa y no tiene vuelta atrás, no lo perdemos en trasferir culpas a otros, por lo que es necesario utilizar herramientas para crecer y ser fructiferos, y una de esas herramientas sin lugar a dudas es la inequívoca sabiduría de nuestro padre celestial...

Gracias por comentar y toda la gloria para nuestros hermanos, instalados en el Padre supremo.

Chamo que bueno es leerte de nuevo y verte activo por aquí otra vez, un gran abrazo <3


Chama :D que bueno es que te guste. Un abrazote. Gracias por comentar.

Saludos @theghost1980

Excelente articulo, gracias por compartir.

Gracias Tramelibre. Un abrazo.

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