Life Refle(x)ctions #5 – Recognise, Remove and Remember – 3R’s


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It looks like many things in life can be accounted in threesomes. The composition of an atom(neutrons, protons and electrons), the holy triad(Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the three persons within ourselves(the one you think you are, the one others believe you are and the one you really are) another example it could be the way we move in life(First we think, then we talk and finally we take action).

Hello there Crypto-Nauts, I hope you are all having a great time on earth, otherwise, I suggest start recognising what is stopping you from having a great time on earth. Today I would like to share something that I call the 3 R’s but first, let me thank you for reading me and encourage you to go deeper in life.

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3R’s – In one experience for all and, all of us for one experience

In the beginning of this article, we have recognised than in fact many things come in a triad aspect. I cannot tell you why but this is as real as you and me. So basically in order to move forward in life, first we need to recognise.

A small baby see a nice thing shining just in the corner of a table. He recognises than this is new for him. He does not know what is that but his curiosity leads the way for him. He walks the whole living room just to get closer to that thing. His Mom is sitting in a chair just watching all the action. The baby gets closer to the thing and after watching it for a minute, he seems very astonished and he cannot do something else than touch the thing. As soon as He does it, the fire on the candle it burns his little hand. Now he is afraid and he cries and he goes where Mom is. Mom is smiling at him and then explain him what the fire is.

So just like the baby we all do this process in order to move in life. First the baby recognise the fire then the baby removes his fear and laziness of being where he was, and he moves in order to get the experience. He burns himself, as part of the experience with the fire and from now on He will remember this and he won’t play with fire in this way never again.

As this baby, we have got any kind of experiences. Many of us even after being burned, we are still getting burned over and over again. It looks like for many people it is not a common practice to keep themselves recognising.

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Recognition – Acknowledgement

In order to move forward in life we must do this all the time. From the most obvious things like reactions, actions and habits, to the not so obvious ones as emotions, feelings, thoughts and many more things we have inside us. I am talking about a process very close to the consciousness. Once we are aware than if I touch fire I will get burned then I can move forward. Once I am aware of life doesn’t put me in this situation, It was me, now I can really move forward. I know it may sound a bit hard to process but this is the real job, at least this is the way I see it now.

How can you start being aware of yourself from the tip of your toes to the last one of your hairs? Start first by remain in silence at least for 1 hour every day. In this hour you will find yourself, at the beginning, listening your own mind. Your mind will tell you than this is stupid and it will be better to go do something else. At this stage you have 2 choices: Listen to her or just observe her.

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Observation vs. Chasing

I was in India, in the year 2000 visiting my Master for the very first time. I started by doing silence and then I started to chase my own thoughts. This may sound a bit abstract but basically when you follow the root of your thinking, you will find another thought and then another and this it won’t end ever. This produced me a lot of headaches. Then I started to observe. When you observe you do not take any action, neither feel any emotion. Basically you just observe. As soon as you start really observing you will feel some kind of peace. Many people also feel relief or some kind of light sensation(Like when you leave burdens).
In the beginning it may seems rare for your but later on, you will get used to it. This point of observation is needed in order to move forward to the next step to put your shit together(Excuse my language). By observing you become like the camera when it takes a picture: you are there without judgment and realising who you really are so you won’t be your thoughts or a mind but something beyond.

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When you have become Silence, now you can list and Remove

So I said something like: life doesn’t put you in this situation, it was you. Now than your mind is more calmed and you have started doing this practice of silence regularly, now you can write down all the things that really matter for you:

  • Where I am right now? – This section it refers to where are you in your life. Are you broke? Are you alone? Are you happy? What is the point where you are now?
  • What are the things that I usually I blame life for? Or even Blame my Parents or my country? – You must be very honest with yourself. This is not just a practice. This is you writing and observing your own life. This may determine your own future and set a whole new world for you.
  • My social Habits – You are the only one who really knows, what kind of friends do you have. This you must review it. The social activities you normally are in: sports, drugs, alcohol, parties, crazy things, good things. The ways I talk to people. The way people treat me as well. Also write down all the things you maybe dream of but you have never done so far.
  • If I had the power, what I would like to be and where? – Please dream but be realistic. Try to be balanced. I mean, if you are a person who cannot walk, saying that I dream of being better than Usain Bolt it may be a bit exaggerated. I mean we must understand what we are capable of but within our own limits.

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Now Time to Remove

After being in silence, observe your mind, behaviours, habits and emotions, now you can make your own plan in order to remove everything you don’t need in your own life. This it can means even stop a relationship with somebody who, after reviewing it, it doesn’t make you feel right or do not allow you to move further in life. This time is for you, in order to understand and live:

  • Knowing that I have the power and I can plan my own life.
  • I can clearly see the habits and attitudes than are in somehow killing my potential.
  • I can plan my life from now own.
  • We can transform everything in our lives for the better.

Remember – The last Step

So you have your list, your new habits, the new ways you want to move forward. Now what? Now you remember about this every second of your life from now own. If you don’t want to get burned again by fire or what is even worst, getting burned by life, you must make this you bible, your creed. One of the most difficult things in life is having the discipline to follow your own plan but the reward is a new life every day. If you are just too lazy of too comfortable where you are and who you are, then keep doing the followings:

  1. Blaming life or your parents for not being perfect.
  2. Blaming the government for being a crazy capitalist who takes all the money from you pockets.
  3. Stay at where you are being who you are and hanging around with the same kind of friends or people who won’t add something better to your life.
  4. Finally, wait for death to come.

Life is what we do/make of it. Destiny will help us get there but we need to act and move on. Peace Out and if you have any questions, please be my guest in the comment sections.

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