Life Refle(x)ctions #6 – ENJOY & Enjoy


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We certainly hear many people talking about enjoying yourself. I have 2 personal opinions for that.

Hi there Crypto-Nauts I hope you are having a great time around here. One of problems is that nobody teach us about how to really enjoy our lives because everyone is trying to figure it out. This it may sound a bit discouraging but the good news is that we can find it by ourselves anytime.

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The actual “System”

If you go out for a walk you will see a lot of signs and propaganda asking you to spend, buy and get a lot of things in order to enjoy. In this days marketing is taking the business to a whole new level. Have you noticed how the companies tell you about drink this and you will feel amazing? The problem is that many of us, without thinking a bit beyond, we may be victims of all this tricks. The companies just want to sell more and one effective way is to attract people using emotions, feelings and fast results.

Nothing could be more far from reality

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We have the power to decide and to let all those fake promises become part of ourselves. Do you remember when we were kids, do you remember when you were a kid? What kind of things were necessary to make you feel happy and to enjoy life?

  • A box. I remember I have used to be really happy just by getting a cardboard box. Inside of that box I used to draw air plane controls and I could spend hours playing with it.
  • A nice meal. One of my favourites things in life is food. As a kid I could be very happy just with one Oreo cookie.
  • The nice company of a friend. By having the possibility to hang around with another kid(no matter its economical situation, background or beliefs) I could be very happy.

The list is very personal for each every one of you but I guess you can remember how easy was to enjoy your life when you were kids.

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But We are not kids anymore

That is true. Most of us are adults or young people now. If you analyse the fact that a thing or an object is just something, it doesn’t matter the object itself. What is really important, not even what age you are, is your desire and your reactions to this object. As a kid you don’t needed more than one box. As an adult who is part of a big system, maybe you may need a nice box with wheels and a nice logo that says “Mercedes Benz”. We decide how to react and how to really enjoy all things we have in life.

If you go deep you will see it

If you get caught by the system, you may find yourself as the tiny mouse running in a small wheel. This wheel makes you run over and over again trying to get things in life in order to be happy. As soon as you get those things you will get more desires around more things.
For example:

I am working 24/7 to get the dream house. 10 years later I have it. Now I need to start buying stuffs to put inside the house. As the house is a great one, you will need very fancy stuffs to put in it. After you get all the fancy stuffs now you must get a watchmen to look after you house because it worth a lot of money. Maybe you must get an alarm system….

If you go deep within you, you may see that you don’t need all this stuffs to enjoy yourself. You can enjoy yourself, with all the things you have right now, and then, you can continue doing what you want in order to get all the things you want.

Two paths similar but different

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If you desire to get things in order to enjoy life: what would happen if you don’t get those things? It is possible than you end frustrated and unhappy. If instead of that way you enjoy yourself as you are, and you do the things you like the path it would be easier and enjoyable.

Have you tried to make love when you are angry or sick?

I know it sounds very dramatic and radical but the point here is you cannot enjoy sex while you are angry or sick. You can only enjoy when you are in peace and relax. So the choice is always up to us. We can decide to enjoy each and every little thing in life or we can take the hard way and be angry or frustrated.

How long since you haven’t….

  • Enjoyed yourself while looking your image in a mirror?
  • Enjoyed your feet while walking into a park?
  • Enjoyed cooking for yourself in a very romantic dinner with candles, wine and your favourite music?
  • Enjoyed the joy of being alive and having so much while other people in the world are suffering with no food or water?
  • Enjoyed yourself while taking a long bath feeling yourself thankful for all of that?

I could continue but the real point here is to make you think and, somehow, help you scape from the mouse wheel.

I could feel very miserable because almost all my family is in Venezuela right now. In case you don’t know, Venezuela is in a very difficult situation where even finding food & getting electricity it may be a problem. I could feel very bad for my loved ones but Instead of that I have decided to enjoy myself and to move on and move away to another country. I believe in human nature as one of the most powerful things in life and this why I know each member of my family can take care of themselves and they can decide to stay there or to move away. By suffering I won’t fix anything but while living the best way I can I could be an example for them. I pretend not to teach but to live and enjoy each and every little thing in my life. In this way I will be able to enjoy no matter what. Today I eat in a small restaurant and I enjoy it. Tomorrow I may eat at the Empire State Building a very fancy dinner and I will enjoy it as well. So my friends do not let fool yourselves and go deeper to find the answers.

Peace Out.

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theghost1980, bravo, buenísimas tus reflexiones, me encantan,es cierto, yo pienso que como personas en primer lugar debemos hacernos un examen introspectivo para saber de donde derivan nuestros pensamientos,sentimientos, deseos etc.y así dar un alto a todo aquellas vanidades y "pájaros negros" que quieran perturbar nuestra paz.Dijo Jame: "Si alguien se encuentra a si mismo posee una mansión en la que podrá vivir con dignidad todos los días" La mansión está dentro de uno mismo.Al fin y al cabo debemos cultivar el espíritu y los verdaderos valores para tener un ojo sencillo tal como dice la biblia.

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