Life Refle(x)ctions #7 – Alone


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Many people do not know what they want in life. This is a common reality for many people this days. This is not something we should judge easily because probably we do not know either for sure.

Hello there CryptoNauts, I hope you are having a great time and if don't, maybe you should ask yourself what is going on in your life.

The following post is some kind of personal/public/virtual and cosmic catharsis, so take it and use it at your own risk. Some of the following paragraphs may seem a bit "crazy" or maybe not.

While is true than too many people seems to walk around like zombies or, putting it in a better way, walking without being fully aware of themselves, the thing is when all of this "common" behaviour may affect us and even makes us stumble our feet. At this point we must do something in order to stay surrounded only by those who may help us to get where we want to go or at least learn how to stay apart from the common negativity.

Actual Landscape

Being negative it is become so common for most people than even if you see somebody very happy you may think it may be because of drugs or something similar. Have you ever wonder: what the fuck is wrong with the news?. Have you ever wonder about what is the point about showing just the negative part of the events?

It seems that this crude reality that we see in Television or Social Media, is taking us apart from the optimism.

Are we negatives by nature?

That is a good question. Let's deep a bit in the following hypothetical memory:

When I was born I do not remember being negative. I had only very nice thoughts about my parents and even I had very nice thoughts about everything around me. I remember once while trying to touch a German Shepherd(A Dog) because He seemed to be so nice. The fact is that he attacked me while I was 8 years old. After this event I became more cautious with every dog.

The point here is, We born with some kind of "plane thinking". After being in contact with the people(including our families) we start to develop some kind of "sense of no-sense" just because of any beliefs that may be inside of each person. I truly believe that negativity is not natural for human beings otherwise I suppose We should have tried to find a way not to come out of our mothers' bellies, shouldn't we?

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Negative is just the other face

When we think about negativity, what do we think? How do we imagine it? I could say this is only the other side of the coin. All humans are susceptible to both states. So I cannot say "Ramon is a bad guy because He is a negative person" also I cannot say "Laura is a great person because She is so positive". Those aspects, beliefs and ways of thinking are just a cover.

The never ending story

At the right time when you become affected for a negative person you must react if you are aware of what is going on. So it looks like our real jobs in life is to decide how to react when we face the positive side of life or the negative side of life. I say life by putting in the same group: persons, thoughts, events, etc. I remember while being a negative person some months ago. I can remember this:

  • I was angry just because watching a girl laughing.
  • I was angry because I could not find time to exercise myself.

I will stop here with those 2. After start meditating again and after really start paying attention about what was going on here I could see the following:

  1. "I was angry just because watching a girl laughing". Very deep inside I was unsatisfied with myself because I couldn't find a real way to make me happy.
  2. "I was angry because I could not find time to exercise myself". I haven't the time because I was very much occupied holding shit inside of my head, including negativity.

Can you see the truth behind those observation and conclusions?

I hope you can see it and use it for yourself. Otherwise you may end as the vast majority of people in the world right now. The never ending story is that the only way to notice the truth is by going deeper.

Alone or not alone - "That is the question"

If we don't have a proper state of mind where we can handle other's people negativity yet, then I will suggest we stay as possible, alone. I know this sounds very radical and even it may be categorised as antisocial, but, I believe this is the only way we could deep in ourselves so after this process, we can reintegrate into social life again.

I prefer not to be so radical and I will state the followings:

  1. If I can't handle my own negativity, I could not handle other's.
  2. If I cannot see my own reflection on others I could not move forward in life. Of course this is optional if you believe that each person is a mirror and what we see is what we are or feel.
  3. In order to take care of our projects, goals and time, we must decide to hang around with negative people or just to move on.

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The truth - or at least - The awful one

Each and every person on this planet who may have the 100% of their capabilities it can decide what to think, what to say and how to react and act. This is not bullshit even if those people are not aware of this. So if every human being is able to decide every second of their lives, how the hell Do I pretend to change them in any possible way? I believe this is the famous free will. So better we start finding our own paths and take care of ourselves, because the time is short and the future is unknown.

Peace Out.

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Interesante tema, concluyo afirmando que somos la obra de nuestros pensamientos, de estos dependen nuestras emociones y por ende nuestras acciones.

Saludos @theghost1980

Excelente articulo el que nos presentas en esta oportunidad.

Con respecto a las cosas negativas de la vida, podemos afrontarlas como aprendizajes para mejorar y seguir adelante. La situación tiende a complicare si vamos avanzando en grupo y el resto de los integrantes observan solo lo negativo, o se estancan en el fluido de asunto negativo, lo que genera un atraso en el avance del grupo. En estos casos lo recomendable es seguir el trayecto de forma individual hasta llegar a la meta. En ese momento, se podrá devolver a buscar a los demás, o por lo menos enviarles un mensaje de que no se preocupen por las perdidas en el camino, sencillamente es un peaje a pagar para llegar a la meta.

Very wise words. Most of my life especially in my 20s and most of my 30s I was negative about many things and situations. It definitely caused problems mentally and in my relationships with women. Up until a few months ago I was still being negative and complaining about many things that happened in my daily life that were not worth complaining about. I have since adopted a much more positive attitude and outlook on life and feel way more peaceful and happy now. Thank you, this was a great read for me.


Thanks for you comment. It is great that you may share all of this.

I have since adopted a much more positive attitude and outlook on life and feel way more peaceful and happy now.

I will keep this one sentence just to remember that we are not alone in this world and it is possible to change.

Thanks to you my friend.


You're very welcome. Your post struck a chord with me big time and its refreshing to know I'm not alone in the way i feel about this subject.

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Often tell my kids there are 2 kinds of actions. Acting and reactions. Then press on to say they are really one in the same and it's how you choose to act in your reactions that define who you are. Negativity will breed more negativity and positivity more positive reactions. Good stuff man.