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Maybe you were thinking about BullShit. Well, nope. I am talking about Baby Steps but as a Consistent Baby.

Hello Crypto-Nauts, I hope you may be great this time. If you are not having a great time in life please do the following:

  1. Define what is having a great time in your life from you own perspective?
  2. Make a list, better if you write it down manually(yes, the pencil still exists and also the paper). Include in this list all the things you would like to be doing instead of whatever you are doing.
  3. Make a second list on how do you think you could change all those things.
  4. Make a plan and fucking DO IT.

I truly believe that We as humans, we have an amazing chance right now on this earth. This amazing possibility is called LIFE, so please do your best and the universe will take over the rest.

Baby Steps

Certainly we have all heard about this. When we talk about walking like a baby it means doing things step by step without rush but without loosing our focus and efforts. It looks like the "internet era" or "the Click era" as I call it, puts us in a very delicate situation. Some of Us believe that everything can be reached with just a click. So the good news is:

Yes, many things in life can be achieved just by giving a click.

The "other face of the news"(you can call it bad if you like) is:

Better put your ass to work in order to achieve all the thing you really want because nobody will do it for you.

We must start by doing slow steps while being very patience with ourselves in order to start developing real progress.

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The good, the bad and the Ugly

The good thing is than we have never experienced an internet and tech era before, so we have many resources at our disposal.

  • There is so much information in books and internet that we must define a path in order to start digging.
  • At this time in history if we have a Smart Phone, an internet connection and all our brain capacities, we do not have any excuses. Do you need to know how big is the earth? Google it...

The bad thing is that this fast information can make us lazy people or even, in the worst case scenario people who need internet in order to remember things and even to have desire or curiosity. Here is where we need to be consistent with ourselves and very honest.

The Ugly aspect is that many of us:

  • Are not even conscious about what we want in life.
  • Are not prepared to do what it takes.
  • Do not have the consistency that is needed(talking about discipline, willingness and attitude) to become the better version of ourselves.

C'mon man is this supposed to motivate me?

Relax while you listen a nice Chillout. We can:

  • Move away from the past if we decide to.
  • Make a life plan right here and right now.
  • Become the better versions of ourselves if we really want to.
  • We can be aware of each little thing of ourselves if we learn how to do it.

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As soon as the pupil is ready, then the master appears

Have you ever wonder about finding a master? I guess while you were watching Karate or Kung-Fu films where there is a great master who prepares a "kid" with the ancient knowledge. Well if you are one of those kind of people:

Welcome to the clan, mate.

As soon as we are prepared: psychologically, mentally and physically, the master will appear. When I say master, I talk of:

  • A person who has the wisdom to guide Us.
  • A book that may lead the way so we can deep-in.
  • A family member who always seemed to be "hidden" but suddenly appears into our lives.

This is why we need to be prepared.

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Should I have to look for the master?

This is a tricky question. In my personal experience I believe that it is much better when The Master comes/appears to you and it is "tuned" with all that you were looking for. Please do not misunderstand me here. I am not saying that you cannot search for but you do need to be in the track, in your own research and focused.

I remember I always wondered about spirituality in my younger ages. I remember there was many books in my family's books shelf which I never took or read. Many years after,, while I was focused looking for spirituality then all those books were visible to me.

I hope you can see the point. It looks like we as humans we can only focus on ONE THING at a time. As soon as we focus, all the information, all the needs will appear right in front of us, even if they had years "waiting" in our night table.

Energetic Baby Steps

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Have you ever wonder about these people than disappear for some months or years and then they show themselves with a great project or even they look like a very different person? I believe this are the Energetic Baby Steps.

  • If you go around talking to each person about what you are going to do in your life it may happen that many of those people will bring you down if you do not have the right focus. (People don't do this because they are mean, they do this because they DO NOT KNOW about themselves yet).
  • So the baby steps must be energised. You are the one who saves your energy day after day. You are the one who must work on your goals no matter what. Instead of being around talking, Shut The F... Up and start doing. People will be amazed after seeing what you have become after you take action.

I have this believe: you must be careful about where and to whom share your personal projects. Share it with those friends or family that may help you somehow, otherwise, stay alert, stay focus and do what you must to do but in silence mode.

So what about being consistent?

What is the point of saying "This year I will grow some muscles and I will do some fitness" if some weeks later you are in your sofa eating ice cream at 3 a.m. or smoking weed and eating like a crazy person and feeling sorry for yourself?
I am not saying that smoke weed is bad or eating ice cream is bad. You can do whatever you want in life, is your stomach and life anyway but, if you put crazy goals in the long term you may find yourself in a black hole where you will loose consistency. Probably at this point you will need to start over again and again and again.

Instead of setting unbelievable goals

  1. Set smart goals first and then move on while executing the baby steps.
  2. Knowing yourself means know what you can and what you cannot do. Be honest with yourself.
  3. The real desire comes from within, not from your ego. You may find yourself setting a goal like "I want to look pretty next year so I can get a nice boyfriend". This is EGO. The best way to do this is: I want to look pretty because I deserve to be a beautiful human being who is happy with my body. Another honest goal may be: "After being happy with my body and training my body I will attract the right person to my side, a person who really deserves me". Can you see the big difference?

The list above is just an idea to make things easier for you and based on my personal experience. I do prefer to set reachable goals in the short term that may help me to get where I want to go.

Some weeks ago I was doing exercises in a beautiful park in Bogota. Next to this park there is a public pool. I went there and I saw an opportunity to swim. They told me I had to pass the exam. I didn't ask about this test. Right the next week I had my swim suit + water glasses + water hat. I went right into the pool, with a very smug attitude. I am the kind of person who always like to thank God and Mother earth for all I have. That day I didn't ask permission to the water I just went in. After 80 meters swimming, My heart was beating like the Rock Metal Drums. I had to step out. I tried a second time with another swimming style and I couldn't pass the test. The exam was about swim 200 meters straight without stop in 2 different swimming styles.

I felt a bit down because I believed I had the strength to do this. As soon as I went out the pool I started to think about this:

  • I didn't ask about the test. I didn't did some running or cardio exercises prior the test.
  • I was there with a very bad attitude like trying to show to somebody something about me. This is not me. I do exercise myself because I love the way I feel while I do it.

So the point is, when we do things for EGO, life will takes us down pretty quickly. When we do things because we are focused life will help us get there. If you want to start deep in in a very serious matters think about this: when I say life I talk about you and me. I talk about ourselves because we are making life possible and we are making things happen even If you consider it "from a higher spiritual being".

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After you are set you can easily be consistent

If you have set realistic goals then you can start taking action. As soon as you take action you will become better and better. As soon as you become better you will see results. These results will motivate you and you, without even notice it, you will start being consistent.

You will be consistently doing the things in your plan.

So all started by giving baby steps, saving the energy, planing and repeating the process over and over again.

After giving up about swimming, for now, I have decided to start running again. The first time, I did 4 rounds to on park, like 1000 meters. The second time I said to myself "today you will run a bit more", so I did 1,200 meters. The third time I said to myself the same and I did run around 2,000 meters.

Anytime we move in life step by step, life will respond. So do not give up and move on. Look for professional help if you need it but if you don't then move that fat ass from the couch and start doing what you said you would.

A little note

There is people whom are happy by doing nothing in life. This is Ok too. The only thing you always need to ask yourself if:

Am I happy as I am or Am I complaining about my life?

This will serve as a way to know if you must take action or stay relax as you are. Peace Out.

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Asi es theghost, hay varios aspectos definitivos para no quedarse en el aparato, y, es tener conciencia de sí mismo para identificar las motivaciones que nos impulsan a actuar, es entonces cuando nuestros pasos van a ser comedidos, y por ende precisos: y cuando sea necesario hacer un alto en el camino debemos proceder en correspondencia a tal necesidad para proseguir con la sensatez requerida, y con la vista puesta en el objetivo propuesto, previo a pedir la guía del gran Arquitecto del universo ,Jehová Dios.

Saludos maestro @theghost1980

Excelente Ambient Chillout Music, gracias por compartir el enlace.

Con respecto a lo planteado en la publicación; cuando el maestro aparece cuando el alumno esta listo; lo que se necesita en nosotros es desarrollar esa actitud de alumno que desea aprender, propino bebé aprendiendo a caminar, con el mismo entusiasmo e inocencia, evitando que el ego sea el protagonista, de esta forma la vida sera una experiencia de crecimiento personal y colectivo.

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