Armor of Elohim Part 2 - Truth


How important is it? Our Heavenly Father desires us to walk in His Truth. Truth is so important, we’re encouraged to put it on first in our set of spiritual armor. Through our loins, we sow our seed. Our Heavenly Father desires us to pass on truth to future generations. The world hates Truth and desires to pervert it.

Pilate asked our Messiah “what is truth?” Does a government "official story" make something true, because they declare it to be so? Does a consensus of the majority make something truth? Is there a standard? Thankfully the psalmist gave us a simple answer. It’s our Heavenly Father’s instructions. And our Heavenly Father hates anything false. If we choose man’s ways of worshipping Him, are we pleasing to Him? If we blindly follow what the world says, without testing to see if the information lines up with our Heavenly Father's instructions, His prophets, or our Messiah, are we sure it's Truth? And thus, in what or on whom is our faith? Our Messiah makes it clear.

We have to know what Truth is, if we are going to worship our Heavenly Father. If we discover something to be false, do we continue to accept it, submit to it, engage in worship with it, or use it to worship our Heavenly Father? He desires us to walk in Truth.

Gird your loins with Truth.

Choose our Heavenly Father's Way. His Way alone is Truth and leads to Life.

Your Life Matters!
Choose Truth. Choose Life.

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