If you open your mind too much your brain will fall out

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The universe is already amazing. We don't have to go around making shit up. It’s amazing how we have so much access to information and how much bullshit is out there; just ask anyone who gets their daily news from Facebook. The even more amazing thing is how much people want to be lied to. Tell a girl the only reason we buy diamond wedding rings is that DeBeers launched a successful ad campaign to convince everyone it was a tradition so they could sell more diamonds. She isn’t going to get mad at the diamond cartel for lying to her. She will get mad at you. Every girlfriend I’ve ever had was constantly getting mad at me for ruining things for her. And by ruining things I mean, pointing out bullshit. I decided a little bit of reason might be a breath of fresh air. This post was inspired by some other posts I’ve read lately from other people spreading retardedness. It breaks my heart that any of these need to be said.

The moon landing wasn’t faked. People put a lot of hard work into making that shit happen and we have tons of technologic advancements we use every day because of it. If it was faked, as technology advanced we would have been given bigger, better, faked moon landings. NASA would be given a huge budget and all the money would get funneled into the Clinton Foundation. Instead what happened is: We went, it was fucking expensive, and nobody wanted to pay for another trip. Now NASA’s budget is in the shitter and we have to count on billionaires to build their own rockets if we ever want to get off this rock.

"Buzz Aldrin is tired of hearing that shit"

Hauntings and Possessions- These occurrences completely disappeared after doctors learned to diagnose schizophrenia. Then they came back when people learned they could make money by lying about it. Every single movie you ever see that is “based on a true story” is based on bullshit. In fact, in every single case, the people involved either admitted to lying or never existed. If you go to the house that inspired “A Haunting in Connecticut” you will find a sign in the yard that says, “This place isn’t haunted. Please leave us alone.” The only thing that goes bump in the night is burglars…and your mom. If you are experiencing supernatural things happening in your house you need to get out and call the fire department. You have a carbon monoxide leak and it was you moving things around in your house while your brain was starved for oxygen.

Psychics- If someone could prove they can communicate with realms beyond our existence he/she would be the most important person on the planet. So that palm reader at the flea market is either:
a) The most important person on the planet.
b) A con artist.

"There's a face you can trust"

Bigfoot- Guy in a monkey suit. He admitted to it. Quit looking for Sasquatch, he ain’t there.

Loch Ness monster- Guy with a toy. He admitted to it. Quit looking for Nessie, she ain’t there.

UFO’s – I saw a UFO one time. I stared at it for half an hour before I realized it was a cell phone tower. If you look into the night sky you can see trillions and trillions of galaxies, and there are trillions more out there. It would be extremely arrogant to think we are the only living things in existence. However, the nearest star to us is 4.22 light years away. That is 2.4808e+13 miles. Since there aren’t space gas stations; if you wanted to visit grandma in Alpha Centauri you better have a big ass gas tank and just hit cruise control for a hundred years. If aliens do spend the resources necessary to visit us you’ll know about it, because they are here to take all of our shit.

Vaccines- Remember that big Polio outbreak last year? No, you don’t, because it didn’t fucking happen. “But vaccines have chemicals in them!” I don’t give a fuck if they have cat piss in them if it stops my child from fucking dying. “It causes Autism!” No, it doesn’t. Even if it did; if you have to choose between death and literally anything else, you choose literally anything else.

Stay tuned for energy work, secret societies, ghost hunters, home school and more. Leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see covered that I don’t have here.

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Fucking brilliant! Resteemed :D


Awesome, thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Every girlfriend I’ve ever had was constantly getting mad at me for ruining things for her. And by ruining things I mean, pointing out bullshit.

We've all been there. Us skeptics, I mean.

Good post!

Not Upvoted cos my quota is done for the day, but Followed!


Went and checked out your page. Looks right up my alley. Followed back.

I like this no nonsense post.


Thank you

Well, reading these in reverse order means Chem trails and NSA are still available topics (see rambling comment pt. 2 😉). A Drunk member of the secret service fired the second bullet in JFK, by accident. The world is round, dumbasses. Evolution is a theory like the Pythagorean theorem, unless you bend space and time it fucking happened. Dinosaurs happened. Jesus happened, but the tales of his life are like a big fish story, grander with every retelling. God is a belief, not an actual thing. The light at the end of the tunnel is your brain firing out its last neutrons, don't come back and tell us you were dead and went to heaven, you imprinted your own ideals on the wasting ear fluff energy discharge as you waned, God didn't save you, it was a highly trained medical staff. Same kind that cured your brothers cancer while God was nowhere, non existent, not hearing a single prayer. These are fun @madgoat, can't wait for part 3


This is all solid gold. Thanks for helping. Pt. 3 is going to come out much quicker thanks to you @bleedpoet.


Awesome sauce!