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After reading about the situation Mikhaila Peterson experienced and learning that she is looking around for a new platform, I decided I should mention that Steemit might be just what the doctor ordered.


Miss Petersen wrote:

'Seriously considering a new platform. Seriously @YouTube? Is this because some troll decided to report me because I'm @jordanbpeterson's daughter? 3 month strike!? For what exactly? A QandA!?

'People Should Be Concerned': Jordan Peterson's Daughter Briefly Kicked Off YouTube

As seen on Fox & Friends
Dr. Jordan Peterson is calling out YouTube after the platform temporarily shut down his daughter's account and removed one of her videos, before the video-sharing website reversed its decision.

Mikhaila Peterson, a health blogger, tweeted a screenshot from the YouTube team informing her that a Q&A video she posted had been removed because it violated YouTube's policy on "spam and deceptive practices." Her YouTube account was also given a three-month "strike."

She questioned if the video was flagged for review by trolls who targeted her because her father is a public figure and outspoken conservative.

So, this afternoon I looked her up on Youtube and found a video I liked a great deal, and after listening to it made a few comments and shared a bit about Steemit with her. I really hope she will check us out.

TIME OUT - 2019
38 minutes ago (edited)
Hi Mikhaila, and thanks for sharing these life-lessons - I think they're a great idea; mostly for people who haven't learned that (in most cases) you are hammering another nail into the coffin of your self-worth every time you ignore your instincts or suppress your self-preservation, you are degrading and dulling it, not to mention becoming more and more detached from reality.
I read somewhere today that you'd had an article or video taken off - this one, I think - a site and I don't know whether or not you're aware of Steemit, but I really believe it is the most liberal platforms online, I think as a community it genuinely wants to make a difference and what's more I think one of these days it will be in a position to do so.
It was launched when a lot of stuff was being censored, removed etc. and last but not least, you are paid for your content and comments.
When I watch all those different journalists trying to jump down your father's throat - not even listening to what he's saying, so wired and intent on picking on some point that's been done and dusted are they -- I think to myself, he is casting pearls before swine; the man must be exhausted. I feel so strongly about this precious, prissy, sensitive, big-girls blouse of a century; the human race should be ashamed of itself. We are not doing enough and thanks to certain misguided notions we let things go too far, and either a lot of people couldn't care less or they don't realize that these are grim times. You know what I think? The world would be a scary stage without Jordan Peterson on it.

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Hi Steemitboard, I want to thank you for your recent notifications; I get a real sense of satisfaction when anything I do on Steemit is acknowledged; unfortunately I know that if (for example) Steemit's full potential is 12, I am not getting any higher than 3. Today I stumbled upon Dtube and Busy totally by chance and still haven't figured out if they are separate or the same thing. Anyway, thanks so much for your encouragement