Daily Affirmation

4년 전


I feel empowered because of the strong connections I have made with those I've met on a shared path to sobriety.

I feel capable of anything because I have chosen to change my life for the better.

I feel purpose because I now have to clarity to express my talents.

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Im so proud of you for doing daily affirmations, as well as sticking to steemit!


thank you ! still need to do my gratitude list tonight !

This is strong. Choice is life. Thanks for your thought. Cheers.


Thanks for supporting this post @happymoneyman. Have an upvote!


Ahh, I think I shall. Sorry to miss it in the first place. Cheers.


I just looked at your wallet, seems we have a true beliver on our hands here :) whats your affirmation of the day moneyman?


Through the power of my thoughts and words, positive changes are happening in me and in my life now


beautiful statement :)


Thankyou so much

Love this. Powerful and moving. I am proud of you for choosing to be better. It sounds like you are truly doing so. Keep at it :)

Yes! Beautiful!

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