3년 전

this is us.
plain and simple.
the good, the bad and the ugly.

watch our lives unfold as we cook, build, explore and embrace life through one photo at a time.


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FINALLY!!! Love you guys so much!

Welcome Welcome!

Woohoo!!! Looks like a fine par-tay over here! Mind if i join ya!!? Welcome friends!!! Looking forward to getting to know you ✌🌸🌻😊


That is my most precious baby girl. A grown woman lol, my daughter and her husband. xx Please join...

Well nice to see you again. I remember that day. So beautiful. Welcome to our Steemit world. xx Mr. and Mrs. Teacher....xx

Glad you’re here on Steemit now guys!! Looking forward to all your wonderful blogs, vlogs and stories.

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I recently got married as well. I always love seeing other wedding photos. Makes me wish I could relive the day over and over. Welcome to Steemit!

Bienvenido a Steem @this-is-us.

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¡¡¡Todo lo mejor!!!