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Setting limits or restrictions when it comes to finding love is very important. But before you can set limits or restrictions you must know who you are, you must know what you want and what you don't want unless you will fall for anything. You must have your core values and standards and you must make a commitment never to compromise them all in the name of love as God helps you.

Now that you understand this you must also know that as you set your standards and core values there are certain people that you know won't just be right for you and these people are your off-limits.
Having off-limits is not pride,it is simply defining what you want and not settling for anything less than your worth.
If you happen to find yourself falling in love with your off- limits it does not mean you are abnormal but get your senses right and get over that love because you can't afford to settle for less than what you deserve.

Everyone should have a definition of what his or her off-limits are. Make sure you draw the line.

set the boundaries!!!

Who then are off- limits?

Off-limits people are those that wants to drag you down from becoming whom you are destined to be. They are those that would make sure that you do not have confidence in yourself by making you have low self esteem.
And as a Christian, for you an off-limit is an unbeliever, someone that opposes your religious belief.
Now that you have come to the knowledge of who Christ is you can't afford to sacrifice your relationship with God on the altar of love. Don't even dare think of doing that.

As a Christian it is advisable that anyone that has a different religious background from that of yours is an off-limit.
Also, anyone that pressures you to sin against God through pre-sexual and sexual activities is an off-limit.
Anyone that will not support your vision, encourage you and bring out the best in you is an off-limit.
You should know what you want when it comes to finding love. Don't think of managing someone that you already know is not the right person. Don't fall in love out of pity. Control your emotions, don't give it an upper-hand. Be in control.

As soon as you see the red flags that this person is not right for you just put the person in the off-limit corner.
Set your boundaries, draw your line. Use your common sense and be prayerful. Allow God to guide you to the person He has specially prepared for you.
Don't settle for the less because you want to join the gang of people that are in a relationship.
Have it in mind that you deserve only the best.

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